I've Been Branded an American Nazi (ie Fascist)

And I Don't Like the Sound of That!

Let's Sue the Bastards

When the first bomb falls on Iraq in this illegal, immoral, and unnecessary war each of us Americans deserves to be branded an American Nazi. Whatever our individual views we all get branded by the collective  action of our nation. Like many peace loving citizens of WWII Germany, Japan, Italy ... many of us feel powerless to stop the wheels of our leaders' political war machines. Well, I don't feel that mere commisseration is enough to absolve our individual complicity in this national sin. Well over 250,000 of our Nazi soldiers are about to blitzkrieg Iraq. Those are a quarter million potential murderers in our name (willing or not). There was a French resistance ,and I propose an American resistance (of sorts).


The newly formed International Criminal Court (ICC) seems a perfect place to take our case. Judging from the news, there appear to be many International law experts (including the UN Secretary General Koffi Annan),and countries (Canada,Belgium, most British) that believe this war violates International law. I do not know how the ICC functions but I propose that a case be filed with it immediately against the primary perpetrators of this illegal action:Tony Blair of Britain, Aznar of Spain, and Bush,Cheney,Rumsfeld,Powell,Rice,Ashcroft of the US. The case would be prosecuting a crime against humanity.There must be some of us with legal expertise in international law--possibly an existing human rights organization would take it on. If you are like me, I would "love" to have a place to send money in support of such a cause. Anything that would give me a pro-active way to resist.

If anyone has similar ideas or knows of existing organizations that might already be working along these lines please e-mail me at BDS.

In the mean time I take some solace from the fact that many members of the UN Security Council (France, Germany, Russia, China, Syria, and apparently most of the other non-permanent members also) stood up for what was right and did not get bought out or frightened off by intense US diplomatic (thug-like) pressure. They refused to give ( Fuhrer) Bush the legal cover for his atrocity.And so, even if not in time to save thousands of Iraqi and American Nazi soldiers' lives, then at least the prospect of being publicly hung might deter future illegal aggressions (eg. against Iran, Korea ...? ...)


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