January 2007

Iraq: The Iraq war was illegal, immoral, and unnecessary. It not unusual to hear that these days, but the true meaning is seldom understood. It means the war and all the consequences are the US's fault. That means the roughly 3000 US troop deaths and the over 500,000 Iraq deaths. It was wrong from the beginning, and nothing can make it right. If you believe in justice then you should be hoping the Iraqis stop killing themselves and boot the US out of their country. Bush won't withdraw and the Congress will not force withdrawal. From the beginning I thought the US would withdraw only when US daily troop deaths reached about 5. Currently the death rate is about 3, so the Iraqis have to about double their rate of killing US soldiers (my relatives and neighbors). They can do it, and the sooner the better, because the sooner they can stop commiting atrocities following orders of our criminal government and come home. Then we need to prosecute the criminal executive and congressional perpetrators of this war to prevent the next one.

Racist Israel: Of course Israel is a racist apartheid country. In January it becomes illegal for an Israeli or foreigner to give a Palestinian a ride in their car in the west bank. I don't think that was even forbidden in the racist US south during segregation , or in apartheid South Africa. Read President Jimmy Carter's inconvenient truth in his latest book.

Government's Power to Open & Read U.S. Mail Questioned
In other news, the Bush administration is being asked to release more information about the president's assertion that he has the authority to open and read the mail of U.S. citizens without a warrant. Last month President Bush issued a signing statement that claimed he could ignore a new law that expressly prohibits the opening of First Class mail without a warrant. On Monday the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for National Security Studies filed three Freedom of Information Act requests seeking the immediate release of related records

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