November 2006

Democrats take over both houses of Congress. So what. Less than 50 of 550 legislators have been changed. The same overwhelming majority that voted to ignore their war powers oversight responsibility;that voted for the Iraq war;that gave tax breaks to the rich while bankrupting the country;that legislated immunity to Geneva convention violations;that white washed AbuGhraib;that tried to bankrupt social secirity through the backdoor; that turned a blind eye to warrantless overseas renditions and Guantanamo;.... are still there.And now most of these complicit bastards do not want to investigate,impeach and imprison the traitors and war criminals. Could it be that they are afraid the finger will also point back at them also. The new leaders are more concerned with not rocking the boat and aiming at the 2008 elections than holding the criminals accountable. Why? Because most went along because their views were not too different, and they want the same overwhelming privileges that the deposed have had. That is why I voted independent and not the "lesser evil" Democratic ticket. Now I am waiting for them to prove me wrong. I hope. And I am specifically looking at the big foreign policy, Iraq, and constitutional rights issues, not the do-gooder, feel-good domestic distractions coughed up in Pelosi's 100-hour proposal.

Bush, Blair and the lot are "proven" liars and war criminals, and incompetents (eg. Katrina). Why so many people continue to grant them any credibility is evidence that people are incapable of exercising their rights in a democracy in their common interest. It has been going on for a long time. Personally, this sad revelation will be the legacy of the current 8-year campaign. Until Congressmen and even Presidents can expect to be imprisoned for lying  (including willful misrepresentation) then the current ethos that accepts this behavior will not change. We the public have to reject "business as usual " and demand change. How? Only way is to vote out all incumbents that do not vote for accountability. If you consider yourself a die-hard Republican or Democrat, all is lost; you are being "played" (or are an evil-doing "player").True, we get bombarded constantly with misinformation, but in the end, the truth is out there, and we get the government we choose.

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