October 2006

North Korea successfully tests a nuclear bomb. Good for them. The only danger is from the stupid reaction of the US administration War Criminals whose pompous stupid foreign policy of diplomatic threats foments and will foment predictable like reactions.Like 9-11, look for reverse spin to justify stupid missile defense and Iran sanction policies --- lots of people will fall for it.In fact, change that assessment; the policies are only stupid if the goal is to actually solve these problems in a just manner; they are perfectly logical given the ulterior motives of permanent militarism and US world domination -- which is very profitable for corporate America and upper economic echelon people, whose myopic view is that they are doing ultimate good at acceptable costs (in their view,not the victims). It is simply "white collar crime" carried to the international level. Evil does not have to recognize itself as such, to be truly evil. Evil can also be its own victim. Borrowing from Bob Woodward's book, the whole country is in a "State of Denial". Wake up--but don't see conspiracy everywhere.First step to recovery---"Cut & Run"--over masochistic stupidity---you bet, every time.

Don't expect fundamental changes from a Democratic led Congress.

Rational & true N Korea Nuclear Test Historical View