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Tips on using the BDSWEB database search "engine": The searching logic returns everything in the database that does not violate your input criteria. So if you do not enter anything,you get a dump of the entire BDSWEB database---- ( up to the limit of the internal output limits). With this kind of logic it is recommended to specify a minimum of what you are certain of, to be sure your item is not eliminated, and to add additional criteria on another search,if necessary, to reduce the number of returned items.

For example to be sure of finding "The California Winter Festival", entering "winter" in the event name would get it, whereas "Ca Winter Festival" would not since it is not exactly how the item is listed,ie. "Ca" is not abbreviated. As another example, if you were not sure of the name,but knew the event was a "Ballroom Competition" in California,you could select "Ballroom Competition" under "Event Type" and enter "CA" under state, to get a listing of all the ballroom competitions in California.