UN and War Criminals


Bill Rowe writes:

Re: “Still seeing rouge: Why Cambodians just lost their last chance for justice for 2 million murders“ by David Allan

Of course, I agree with most of the author's points. However, it's interesting to me when pointing out a listing of many potential criminals to prosecute in a stronger World Court on abuses, that key Israeli leaders are not even mentioned in the quite obvious stealing of Palestinian lands, murder,and outright ethnic cleansing,that blatantly goes on without end, and continues to not even get a peep from American politicians or media.Not to lend support to every two-bit terrorist political mongrel who jumps on that bandwagon, but it is no wonder that legitimate victims like the Palestinians revert to their only weapon of terrorism. I would too if I were in their predictament.I believe that the current violence is their only hope of awakening the "west",ie. primirily Americans, to their plight.Unfortunately, the knee-jerk,revenge motive initially overtakes Americans when subjected to terrorism like 9-11, and we sink deeper into our tunnel-vision political views instead of considering the underlying conditions of human hopelessness motivating such actions.However, if the violence continues past the initial reaction and stupid military responses, then there is a chance that more reflective considerations will take hold.So as far as I am concerned "they" are on their only effective "right" track,though the politicians on both "sides" are loathe to admit such publically of-course.Considering the volatility, energy supply importance, and apparent willingness of world powers to engage themselves in escalating wars centered around Israeli/Palestinian issues,it seems those criminal acts belong at the top of the list of potential litigations,not completely ignored.It's no wonder Arabs and Palestinians are so flabberghasted and have no faith in the justice of the west on their issues.There has been none...