Eddie Torres Teaches SALSA

Night Club Style

I'm Eddie Torres.After 20 years of teaching,I have developed a technique that will teach you Salsa-Nightclub style (originally called Mambo) in its authentic form.

I am happy that you'll be able to share with me the joy of this beautiful dance.Salsa will enrich your life culturally as well as socially.

And if you make the effort to learn my technique and practice what you have been taught,you'll be able to go into any nightclub,feel comfortable,fit right in and dance Salsa-Nightclub Style- the authentic way.



In my opinion dancing is as important as the music. That's why I write all my music for dancing.

Today,it is very hip to be an educated dancer.Just as the musician reads music,the dancer has to be able to understand timing and clave.

Learning the basic concepts in this video will give you confidence on the dance floor and increase your enjoyment.

Eddie Torres is one of our most talented and authentic Latin dancers.His video combines the correct teaching technique with all the pizzazz and savvy of nightclub style dancing.

I strongly recommend it.

The "King" of SALSA

Eddie Torres has carved out a reputation as the most authentic,innovative Latin Dance performer,choreographer and instructor in America.

In January 1987,he created the Eddie Torres Latin Dance Company with the primary purpose of restoring and expanding public enjoyment of the mambo as a vibrant and authentic art form.The company also hosts a dance academy for children,dedicated to keeping the Latin dance culture alive for generations.

Mr. Torres' performances have thrilled audiences at such varied and esteemed venues as Lincoln Center,the Apollo Theatre,Carnegie Hall,Madison Square Garden, and Ford's Theatre,where he performed for President and Mrs. Bush.

He has choreographed music videos for MTV,Ruben Blades & David Byrne,and has performed with such musical luminaries as Machito,Celia Cruz,Geoffrey Holder,Mario Bauza,Nancy Wilson,Wynton Marsalis,Johnny Pacheco,Mongo Santamaria,and Tito Rodriguez.

Of course one cannot mention Eddie Torres without thinking of Tito Puente.It is fitting that The King of Latin Music,Tito Puente,and the King of Latin Dance,Eddie Torres,would meet,work together and become ambassadors of this music and dance.

In Volume I,Eddie Torres teaches you the basic fundamentals of dancing Salsa-Nightclub Style.It's an informative, entertaining, easy-to-learn introduction to the fastest growing dance craze of the 90's-Salsa.$25.00

Running time: 52 minutes

In Volume II,Eddie Torres teaches you theintermediate and advanced steps of dancing Salsa-Nightclub Style.In a few hours you'll be able to fully enjoy the fiery passion of this sensuous dance.$25.00

Running time: 56 minutes