Foxtrot (American Style)

By Chuck Bannister

American Style Beg. Level Waltz & Foxtrot (ASCB01) $39

1) Closed Changes (Fwd & Bk), 2) Left Turn, 3) Parallel, 4) Underarm Turn, 5) U/A Turn With Closed: I ) Parallel Basic, 2) Left Box, 3) Left Tum, 4) Promenade, 5) Promenade Underarm Turn

Intermediate Level Foxtrot (ASCB04) $39

6) Closed Changes To Parallel, 7) Close Changes To Promenade, 8) Hand To Hand, 9) Right Turn, 10) Promenade Pivot, 11)Prornenade Weave, 12) Side Sway, 13) Weave And Rock, 14) Fallaway With Double Underarm, 15) Trading Places

Foxtrot (American Style)

By Jim & Jenell Maranto

Beginning Foxtrot -31min.(ASJM02) $25

1) Basic, 2)Left Turn, 3) Promenade, 4) Zig Zag, 5) Box

Intermediate Foxtrot-65min.(ASJMI3) -63min.$39

1)Right Rock Turn, 2)Promenade Twist, 3)Rock & Corte, 4)Pivot From Zig Zag, 5)Running Steps, 6)Open Left Turn 7)Continuity Basic, 8)Open Right Turn, 9)Fallaway and Weave, 10)Pivot to Ronde'

Advance I Foxtrot-71min (ASJM06) $49

1) Grapevine, 2) Hair Pins, 3) Gem, 4) Check and Release, 5) Promenade Braid, 6) Syncopated Check & Pass, 7) Oversway to Shadow, 8) Open Right Turn in Shadow, 9) Half turns in Shadow, 10) Fallaway Underarm Turn

Advance II Foxtrot (ASJM10) $49

1) Reverse Grapevine, 2) Advance Gem, 3) Chair & Slip Pivot, 4) Hairpins in Shadow, 5) Check & Sway, 6) Grapevine To Swivel, 7) Curve & Roll, 8) Syncopated Pivots To Fallaway, 9) Underarm Spiral & Hover, 10) Promcnade Pivot Combination

Foxtrot (American Style)

By Chris & Denese Morris

Intermediate Foxtrot Variations (ASCM02) $39

1) Open Right Turn to Alternatmg Grapevine, 2) Syncopated open Fallaway with Quick Open Reverse Ending, 3) Cross Body l.ead to Open Break with Man's Ronde', 4) Hair Pin to Oversway, 5) Back Check to Grapevine. 6) Curving Chasses' & Checks, 7) Quick Open Reverse, Double Lock to Forward Check, 8) Standing Spin to Man's Underarm & Turn & Hover Cross, 9) Rlght Shadow Underarm Checks 10) Outside Spin to Rudolf Ronde' & Develope

Advance I Foxtrot Variations (ASCM05) $49

1) Running Weave to Tipple Chasse', 2) Pivots to Lunge Roll, 3) Open Right Turn with Right Hand Hold to Wrap In, 4) Overturn Spiral to Rolling of The Arm, 5) Open Passmg Check, 6) 3 Fallaways to Lilt Pivot, 7) Arm Hook Turned. 8) Open Telemark to Explosion Line, 9) Shadow Weaves to Pot Stir, 10) Shadow Check to Rudolf Ronde' and Drop

Foxtrot (American Style)

By Chris Morris

Advance II Foxtrot Variations (ASCM08) $49

1) Quick Open Reverse To Lunge Roll & Traveling Contra Check, 2) Side By Side Grapevine To Backrun & Develope', 3) Shadow Turns To Syncopated Weave & Forward Check, 4) Drop Fallaway To Swivels & Same Foot Lunge, 5) Open Progressive Spirals To Quick Open & Check In Shadow, 6) Syncopated Overturned Spiral To Promenade Lock & Grapevine, 7) Shadow Roll To Right To Curving Three Develope' & Back Check, 8} Open Free Turn To Same Foot Layout & Hesitation Roll, 9) Overturned Spirals To Man's Forward Ronde',10) Promenade Lock To Hover, Running Pass & Back Bend

By David & Carrie Kloss

.......American Style Foxtrot Technique & Principles - 58min. (TDK11) $39

1)Dance positions (Closed Promenade, Open Facing position, Left & Right Side By Side Positions, Outside Partner position, Shadow Position), 2)Ladies Syncoopated Underarm Spin To progressive Twinkle, 3)Open Right Turn & Roll To Shadow position, 4)Streamline To open Right Turn, 5)Open Left Turn

.......American Style Foxtrot Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 75 min. (TDK22) $49

1)Intro and Dance positions, 2)Shadow Left Whisk,Swivel Same Foot Lunge, Telespin To Back Check, 3)Going Through Check,Weave From Promenade,Spiral Turn,Left Side Run, 4)Chase,Shadow Weave,Fallaway Hairpin, 5)Lady's Spin To Open Check,Inverted Swivel to Lady's Freespin, 6)Fallaway Reverse and Slip to a Drag Hesitation,Shadow Check to a Shadow Hover and Weave

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