A Moore Ballroom Dancing Preface

Ballroom Dancing


by Philip J.S. Richardson

MR. ALEX MOORE'S name is so well known in the dancing world today, not only in this country but also abroad, that any introduction from me is really superfluous, but, having been invited to write a few words, I may say that I do so with great pleasure.

He was a first-class dancer when I first knew him. Nevertheless, I think that it is as a teacher that he excels. He has a keen analytical mind and, though a staunch believer in the modern technique as laid down by the leading authorities, does not hesitate, as will be seen in several instances in the following pages, to point out cases in which he considers this to be at fault.

Mr. Moore has had considerable teaching and lecturing experience both at home and in other European countries, North America,Japan, Australia and South Africa, and is well able to realize and appreciate the difficulties which confront the beginner.

Iam sure that the following pages will prove of great assistance not only; to the absolute beginner, but also to the more advanced dancer who wishes to reach the "competition" standard, and to the student preparing for examination.

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