Preface:Ballroom Technique

Preface: Ballroom Technique



Alex Moore's Revised Technique has for many years been the accepted technique of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and practically all other British Societies and by teaching organizations throughout the world

With the development of the Ballroom style over recent years it has become necessary to update the technique and to introduce some popular figures whilst leaving out certain figures which have lost their popularity and are seldom danced.

Recently a technical committee of The Ballroom Branch was formed to undertake the difficult task and after much time and deliberation have produced an updated Ballroom technique.

It will be noticed that a slightly different layout has been used which should help the Student when studying for Examinations.

Other important changes are the new and simplified wordings in the descriptions and that only permissible precedes and follows are given and not the suggested amalgamations previously given in Alex Moore's book.

Finally my personal thanks to the technical committee for their hard work and dedication in producing The Updated Technique of the Imperial Society.

Chairman Ballroom Branch

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