Bastard Administration

My simple view is that any administration which resorts to perverse legal chicanery to take power, and thereby abandons the basic democratic election principles, upon which political legitimacy is based, is illegitimate,ie. a bastard administration. So, it matters little to me  which way Florida vote counts really went as far as establishing the legitimacy of the current bastard administration; they abdicated any moral (if not legal) legitimacy when they perverted the process.

However, it would be slightly comforting to know whether, if followed faithfully, the democratic process would have narrowly defeated these fascist bastards. Only slightly comforting because of the closeness, and the opposition Democratic party seems not much better in upholding key American legal principles and personal freedom values since the flights into WTC and the Pentagon. That said, the only politically effective means of beginning to clean house of our political fascist trash, is to first vote out as many Republican bastards as possible in upcoming elections.Fellow independents, that means voting Democratic in our system to be effective.(If we had runoff elections as in other systems that would be another matter- on the first go around we could vote for the best candidate if from a  "third" party.) Once that signal is sent,we can then concentrate on individual fascist political trash , of whatever party---like Feinstein and Boxer, democratic senators from my state California ,who voted with the Congressional gang on the un-American anti-terrorist bill that among other things allows SECRET searches of ones home and personal information.

For those out there who would be willing to legitimize the current bastards (certainly not me) if Florida counts faithfully completed would have given them a slight majority, know that a very detailed "final" study/count has been essentially complete since early September, but has been supposedly held up from release by some perverted sense of American unity and patriotism since WTC events --- again some warped philosophy of American values wins over our basic freedom/right to know , truth in the press and faith in the American people.Personally, I believe this gives the administration ample time to whitewash and undermine the believability of any ultimate release.If you don't believe there is a strong effort to do this, just surf on and go back to burying your head in the warms sands of ignorance and chanting "Long live George the Bastard".

Results Just Out: Nov 12,2001  :  As expected results of the above election recount were released under headlines in-keeping with the perverse result of having a bastard illegitimate administration. By that I mean you cannot openly falsify the data (at least not easily and politically dangerous if found out) but you can obfuscate the interpretaion of results by presenting an array of assumptions and then choosing those that support bastard legitimacy--ie. assert victory. Of course there are assumptions that have Bush the Bastard ahead,that's how he got the "win".But all the scenarios inclusive of the greatest number of voters that I choose give Gore the "win".And the Florida Supreme Court in their wisdom rejected all partial county recounts and ordered a full state recount of all so-called undervotes,ie. a full consideration of the greatest number of voters in order to determine their intent.So it has been verified that the fears of the bastards ,ie. that they could lose if an inclusive recount were conducted, were real. The obfuscation strategy of concentrating on what counting standards to use is unchanged. So, if a person were too stupid to see through it the first time, I guess they will not this time either.And never forget the thousands of Gore votes lost by the butterfly ballot fiasco and those where Democratic absentee ballot applications were selectively discarded inappropriately (as found in the several trials); these factors have not been included.But again,my view is that the most egregious rape of our democracy occurred by virtue of the subversion of the election process itself---that condems this bastard administration forever !

Story Squelched;Nov 13,2001: The several releases of the true election 2000 results released on Nov 12 were nowhere to be seen on Nov 13. Interpretation: Enough people knew about the un-released results they could not be covered up any longer.So a minimum release was made wherein 53% vs 47% of those seeing the results agreed Gore won.Then the story was squelched the next day and was nowhere to be seen. If you still think the American press is independent of pressure from the fascist regime,you're plain stupid.

The only current American war I recognize is the civil one on fascism and political stupidity. Yes, that will be a long war.Most will not even recognize the current cycle of atrocities and distractions as reactionary skirmishes in that much bigger war .I don't expect to live long enough to see it end.I can only hope to maneuver the best I can through the fallout of that stupidity and hypocrisy during my time, and gain some sense of progress and fulfillment against the seeming futility by expressing my views--whatever might be the financial results.(So far I am gratified that there are many who feel mostly as I do as evidenced by my BDSWEB business not being adversely affected by disaffected "bastard" supporting potential customers.Perhaps a few will be jogged into more independent thoughtful considerations.That's the payoff. Those are the bombs in my war.)