July 2006

World news is dominated by the Israel-Lebannon war. It is just a continuation of the Israel war of ethnic cleansing and attempts to consolidate its theft of Palestinian lands, and goal of international acceptance and legitimacy. Almost all peoples of the region recognize the fundamental injustice of the Israeli -Palestinian situation, and many do also in Europe. Most of the US poplation is ignorant and just follow the US government fascist support of this state terrorist regime.Most of the non-representative governments of the region find it prudent to talk the party-line of Israel support while their people know better.

The only solution is rooted in international justice, and in certain UN resolutions that include features like 1967 borders for Palestine,return of displaced Palestine refugees to their homes in Israel.... None of which the Israeli war criminals are willing to accept. And they will not have to as long as the US backs their illegal policies. Israel and the US are trying to use military force and time to consolidate the injustice. It won't work.Too many region peoples (including Syrians, Iranians ....) know the truth and, the injustice will fester if need be for a 100 years or more until righted. So the side of justice is with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah which come into being because their non-representative governments are unwilling to take up the righteous cause. This allows various other groups with a potpourri of unrelated goals like AlQuaida to recruit followers on the coat-tails of the fundamental injustice. So it is really difficult to determine who the terrorists are, or whether that word has any meaning at all.

To even consider this view so different from that presented by American media and Congress, you have to realize first that the Bush administration is one of war criminals, bent on distorting international law, the UN, and domestic laws to serve their own vision.Next you have to realize only the slight differences of the Democrats on some basic issues as demonstrated by their willingness to "go-along".We are the main cause of the current flare-up of world military confrontations because of the Bush administration belief that it can solve conflicts using military force, and of course other countries then get on the bandwagon of trying to use military force to solve their conflicts also.Pretty soon you get a wildfire ethos of military buildup, and you are right back to the climate that results in world wars. That ethos currently exists, and unfortunately I am not hopeful. Unknowing Americans ask why "they" hate us, knowing people are surprised that more do not. It is scary that millions of people (with relatives killed by Americans, or American proxy-regines, or American military hardware over the decades) would be pleased by horrendous attacks on the US. I take little comfort in the ability of the military to prevent such attacks on the scale of decades. I would be much more comfortable if the country took just positions and moved to eliminate the basis for such hatred.I see no move in the US in that direction.

Therefore the many good and innocent citizens of the US and all other countries are apt to remain the war fodder of governments into the far future.

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