By Ron Montez

Beg. Mambo & Bolero (ASRM03) $39

I )Basic Movements, 2)Cross body Lead, 3) Crossover And Walk Around, 4) Open Break And Underarm Turn 5) Shoulder Check I) Basic Movement, 2) Open Break Underarm Tum, 3) lJnderarm Pass, 4) Left Side Pass. 5) Crossover Break

Intermediate Level Bolero (ASRM09) $39

6) Check And Circular Walks, 7) Romantic Sways, 8) Checked Underarm Pass, 9) Spot Turn Combination, 10) Hip Twist And Spin, 11) Spanish Arms, 12) Cradle Corkscrew, 13) Syncopated Walk And Ronde', 14) Right Side Pass, Slde By Side Rock, 15) Oversway, Lunge And Rock

Advance I Bolero (ASRM13) $49

I) Open Check, Body Roll, 2) Overturn Cross Body Lead 3) Pivot and Ronde', 4) Curl Swivel, Lunge, 5) Swivel and Same Foot Lunge, 6) Man's Double Underarm Tum, 7) Walks & Fans, 8) Checked Pass & Shadow Ripple, 9) Arm to Arm Swivels, 10) Bolero Back to Back

Advance II Bolero (ASR19) $49

1) Crossover To Underarm Roll, 2) Lady's Wave, 3 Contra Check Lunge, 4) Back To Back Lean, 5) Opposition Reach, 6) Left Side Pass, Double Ronde' 7) Leg Push Ronde', 8) Circular Challenge, 9) Lady's Headroll, Back Oversway, 10) Swivels & Telemark


By Chris Morris

10 Steps In This Video

....... Advance I Bolero Variations--76min. (ASCM21) $49..


....... Advance II Bolero Variations -58min.(ASCM25) $49..StepList

By Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova

American Style Exhibitions Choreography -55 min. For Bolero Vol.1 (ASBP25) $49

There are 5 sections (groups) in this video tape.

American Style Bolero Technique & Principles Vol.1 -50 min. (TBP33) $49..StepList

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