There are many dance teachers, many champions, but very few dance technicians whose depth of knowledge has gained them international recognition. Guy Howard is one of the few.

Guy Howard's long experience covers almost every facet of ballroom dancing. Earlier in his career he was a successful competitor and demonstrator. He has taught beginners, medallists, coached competitors and trained teachers. It is teacher training and the study of technique for which he is now famous. This book is the product of his unique experience and brilliant mind.

First published in 1976 the book has been regularly updated to take into account the effects of fashion and the passing of time. This edition is no exception. Over recent years several figures, through usage and popularity, have become an integral part of modern performance. These figures are included in this book with a standardization of technique that will be invaluable to all dancers.

The International Dance Teachers' Association and Guy Howard are to be congratulated on the publication of this book. Its demand is world wide.

Leonard Morgan