Dedicated to bringing new and fresh choices to dance fashion.

Tailor-Made/Semi-Custom   made to order in 3-6 weeks.

Go ahead. Choose the color, fabric, size you want!

  Garment Fabric Color Style Size Price  
  Long Pants            
  Short Pants            

Download and Print This Measurement  Sketch for Tailor-Made Fit(Microsoft Word 16MB ! file for clarity.)

After printing the sketch, fillin and print the following form with your measurements.(You might have to print the webpage.) Fax or email the information to BDS(Bill). We will keep your information on file (in confidendce). (In the future we plan to keep the measurements in our database and allow you to review/update on-line.)

Code Position Inches
A Chest Width  
B Waist  
C Mid Hip (4" from waist)  
D Hip (8" from Waist)  
E Upper Bust  
F Lower Bust  
G Front Chest Width (4" from Shoulder)  
H Back Chest Width (4" from Shoulder)  
I Bust point Length  
J Bust point Height  
K Front Length (Neck to Waist)  
R Shoulder Width  
U Dress Length  

Currently all items in the BDS "Distinctive_Line" are available for custom make in the Tailor-Made "Choi_ce" .Please refer to the BDSWEB pages on the "Distinctive_line" for "ideas". Then e-mail Bill with the basic Distinctive_line style(s) and colors,materials,fabrics, you are interested in. We will forward your information to our overseas factory/designers and e-mail back their suggerstions, schedule, and prices.

Also feel free to submit your needs for unique and competition dancewear. We will see what we can offer.

In future we will attempt to automate the "Choice" order process a little more.However the idea is to respond to your needs, so we do not want to limit your choices!