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Functional Social Elegance

NA247_248.gif (35463 bytes) Black Polyester Velvet Top

BDS_NA-247   S  M  L       $119


Black polyester Georgette Pants

BDS_NA-248  S M L          $159

Na218.gif (23531 bytes) Black Polyester Velour Top

BDS_NA-218    S M L         $109

Na252.gif (20451 bytes) Black Polyester Georgette 1-piece Jumpsuit

BDS_NA-252   S M L           $279

Na215.gif (38724 bytes) Black Polyester Satin Bias Top

BDS_NA-215   S M L            $109

Na259.gif (29013 bytes) Black Polyester Georgette Pants

BDS_NA-259   S M L            $149

Na245f.gif (26168 bytes)

Na245r.gif (27005 bytes)

Black Polyester Georgette Pants

BDS_NA-245   S M L            $99

Style1s.gif (44743 bytes)

Preview Style 1

Black Lace & Lycra Bodysuit

BDS_NABL-357-A0   S M L   $159


Black Polyester Georgette Skirt

BDS_NADR-358-A0  S M L   $129

Style2s.gif (43790 bytes)

Preview Style 2


Black Lace & Lycra Bodysuit

BDS_NABL-359-A0  S M L   $159


Black Polyester Velvet Tape Skirt

BDS_NADR-360-A0  S M L   $169



Style3s.gif (64513 bytes)

Preview Style 3

Black Lace & Lycra Bodysuit

BDS_NABL-361-A0   S M L   $129


Black Polyester Chiffon Long Skirt

BDS_NADR-362-A0  S M L   $219

Style4s.gif (46686 bytes)

Preview Style 4

Black Lace & Lycra Bodysuit

BDS_NABL-363-A0   S M L   $129


Black Fringe Skirt

BDS_NADR-364-A0  S M L   $119

Style5s.gif (47786 bytes)

Preview Style 5

Black Lycra Top Set w/Lace Blouse

BDS_NABL-365-A0   S M L   $129


Black polyester Georgette Skirt

BDS_NADR-366-A0  S M L   $129


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