Download Dedicated DJ Demo

This Dedicated DJ demo includes all of the following programs:

Dancing DJ

Fully functional version of the professional Dancing DJ program. ( 90 days trial period , 90 seconds of play time per music title)

Teacher DJ

Teacher DJ is designed for  dance studios, teachers and serious dance students.  (90 day trial period, 90 sec play time)

Personal DJ

Personal DJ offers a quick way to scan Albums, Artists and Titles for evaluating and selecting your music. (no expiration, no limits)

Music Organizer

The Music Organizer ooffers a  collection of utilities to help you build and manage your music collection.  Music Organizer enables you to personalize Genre (Dances or other categories), Tempi limits, build custom Playlists, extract and  compress to MP3 music from your CD collection, and much more.  (90 day, trial period, limited rip and compress)

Download Procedure:

Download the self extracting SetupDDJ.exe file (~10Mb)  and run it (Windows 98/NT required).

DDJ files will be installed under "C:\Program Files\DDJ".  Several sample music selections will be installed in a \Music directory.  For this demo only the first two selections in the startup Playlist will play.  Additional sample music can be downloaded through any of  the Music Packs.  Additional music can be added from your own CD collection, downloaded from www MP3 sources or added as DDJ Music Packs.

Note:   If your DDJ player will not play your music, test your music with the Windows Media Player.  If the Windows Media Player will not play your music you should upgrade this player.   For the latest player upgrade Go To Microsoft.or download  mpfull.exe (V6.0).  This  update to the  Media Player will assure you that you have the latest   MP3 codec installed.. 

DDJ Music Pack Sampler

The following Music Packs each contain MP3 samples (30 seconds in length) of  currently popular dance albums.  In most cases, all the tracks from each CD is included.   Music Packs are self extracting  to a \Music directory on any drive.  They are quite large (15-30 Mb each) so be aware of your available drive space and download times.

After installing a Music Pack run the Playlist | New menu option.  The Music Organizer will automatically locate this new music and build you a new Playlist.

MusicPs1.exe     Artist: DanceVision Fabulosa 1) Amer Rhythm V2, 2) Intern'l Latin & Std V1, Intern'l Latin v2

MusicPs2.exe     Artist: DanceVision Fabulosa 1) Intern'l Std V2, 2) Intern'l Latin  V3, 3) Amer Rythmn & Std V2,

MusicPs3.exe     Artist: Corky & Shirley Ballas 1) Passion, 2) Passion II

MusicPs4.exe     Artist:  1) Latin Jam, 2) Latin Jam II 3) Latin Jam III