Dancing DJ

Dancing DJ was designed for Ballroom and Nite Club Disk Jockeys. It offers, at a low cost, both better quality and better music control than tape, mini disk or CD alternatives.

Dancing DJ will play and announce music, as you specify, uninterrupted and continuously. An attendant DJ is not necessary, but when available, he or she can quickly assume manual control. For instance, the DJ might wish to handle a special request or even switch out the entire Playlist to alter a mood or theme.

Dancing DJ uses a legal and convenient copy of the music from your own library. The quality of the music will be as good as your master and possibly better as the computer copy can be easily and accurately adjusted to tempo, trimmed etc.

At the heart of Dancing DJ, is a Music database that stores, for each music title, both information and control data. Information includes such items as Title, Artist, and Notes; while control parameters includes items such as Volume or Bass and Treble settings.

Simple lists are used to schedule the player. A specified dance order might look like Waltz, Rumba, Hustle, . . . From this dance order list the computer picks a random music title that matches the dance order (i.e. Plasir d'Amour for the first Waltz) and generates a new play list. There is no limit on the number of lists stored and DJs can easily alter or construct their own personal lists or operate from a blank list.

Message Panel(s) are optional, but when available, will display current and upcoming dance information.

image: screen shot

Basic Operations

Though very powerful, Dancing DJ can be operated by a computer novice. After starting, select a desired Playlist and press the Play button. That's it. By default Dancing DJ will announce the dance, play the title and, if available, display the Dance, Title and Artist on the display panel. Dancing DJ will even display the upcoming dances

Misc Operations


Queuing, inserts or replacements can be done while the music is playing.

DJ Actions

Special DJ Actions such as a scheduled Stop, a DJ Prompt or a panel Message can be inserted in any Playlist.

Properties and Options


Minimum Requirements
Windows 95 or later, NT 4.0 or later
Pentium 150 or better., 32M RAM
CD drive
Sound capability - Creative Labs SB16 compatible

MS Access
CD-R Drive
Message Panel(s)

$495 (Software)
30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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