Hope you can help us informing the public about our
activities. Do you think you can publicize the
following ongoing event? Would you also have any
advise or suggestions in reaching out the community?
Thank you.

Art for Peace International is an organization formed
to promote international friendship, multicultural
activities, human rights and world peace through
various forms of art.

Our free dance activities in summer will continue on
the 1st and 3rdMondays of the month (7-8:30 PM
classes, 8:30-10 recreational hr) at:

Stanford University, Bechtel International Center,
Assembly Room (Corner of Mayfield Ave, Lomita and
Lagunita Drives, close to the Faculty Club and
Coffee House).

The emphasis will be on international social
(especially Latin, European), group or solo (such as
Irish step similar to Riverdance, Flamenco, etc.)

Classes are free and open to the public, thanks to
support by S. U. Bechtel International Center for
providing space. Art for Peace Intnl. is
sponsored by Stanford University Dance Division and
United Nations Association Mid Peninsula Chapter.
For more information please read:


or send e-mail to [email protected] Thank you.