Introduction To Dance Vision USA Videos

Wayne & Donna Eng
Producers & Directors of Dance Vision USA
Owners of Club 2005 Ballroom Dance Studio in Torrance California since 1981, organizers of The Emerald Ball Dance Championships in California.

Welcome to Dance Vision USA

"Learn To Dance With The Chamnions".

Our goal is to provide simply the best instructional video tapes on the market today. First, we seek out the best format and ask the instructors not only to demonstrate the steps, but to teach the steps as they would on a private lesson. Second. we seek out the best teachers in the country ,their credentials speak for themselves. Third, we hired Front Row Productions, the best ballroom dance production company available.

If you are brand new and this is your first introduction to dancing, we highly recommend that you also visit and try some dance lessons at a studio. Thi is a great combination to help you achieve your dancing goals and the many benefits that come with it. Happy Dancing !!!

Benefits and Advantoaes of Video Instructional Tapes
1 Achieve More in Less Time
2 Use as a Valuable Aid With Your Dance Lessons
3 Get More Out Of Your Money
4 Learn From The Champions For One Low Price
5 Most Up To Date Steps and Technique
6 Review The Tape as Often as You Like
7 Learn in The Privacy of Your Own Home
8 Learn at Your Own Pace
9 Increase Your Retention

The best NEW instructional video tapes on the market today!

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