With their roots in Africa, ethnic

dances of Cuba, Brazil, North America

and Spain have found their way into

many of today's cultures and societies.

From Amsterdam to Tokyo, from Miami

to Blackpool, from London to Mannheim,

highly skilled and competitive dancers are

crowding the dancefloors with colourful

and exuberant renditions of Cha­Cha­Chas,

Sambas, Rumbas, Paso Dobles and Jives.

This is the dazzling world of competitive

Latin American Dancing. Within this world,

however, quite a lot of DOING is done

without too much THINKING or SENSING.

It was therefore high time that a real

expert investigated the mental action behind,

around and within the physical action.


Ruud Vermey's book may be the first one to take Latin American Dancing as seriously as Ballet has been taken for centuries.

Informative and thought­provoking, this

book is a must for all dance enthusiasts.