David & Carrie Kloss Technique Collection

The Art of American Style Dancing

There is really no one technique or element that creates a high standard of dancing, but many techniques combined. The goals in these videos are to show what they feel to be fundamentally important and often overlooked. This is understanding the many different dance positions the American Style dancer has available to them, and the ability to flow from one position to another smoothly and effortlessly. Also, the relationship between two partners and their responsibilities for creating very elegant and seamless connections from open to closed dance positions. In demonstrating the techniques, they have created very nice patterns in each video.

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.......American Style Waltz Technique & Principles (Intermediate Level) - 72 min. (TDK10) $39

1)Dance positions, 2)Chasse' To The Right, 3)Back Twinkle Turning To The Left, 4)Continuous Passing Twinkles, 5)Hinge To Spot Run, 6)Shadow Lunge To Outside Check

.......American Style Foxtrot Technique & Principles - 58min. (TDK11) $39

1)Dance positions (Closed Promenade, Open Facing position, Left & Right Side By Side Positions, Outside Partner position, Shadow Position), 2)Ladies Syncoopated Underarm Spin To progressive Twinkle, 3)Open Right Turn & Roll To Shadow position, 4)Streamline To open Right Turn, 5)Open Left Turn

.......American Style Tango Technique & Principles -58min. (TDK12) $39

1)Dance positions,2)Open Left Turn, 3)Side Lunge To Release, 4)Outside Walk To Contra Check, 5)Rhonde To Grapevine & Ladies Curl, 6)Shadow Right Side Lunge To Five Step

.......American Style V. Waltz Technique & Principles -76min. (TDK13) $39

1)Dance positions, 2)Ladies Roll In To Reverse Turn With Reverse Sway, 3)Cross Lead Ladies underarm Turn & Explosion, 4)Open Run To A Viennese Cross, 5)Ladies Outside Check,Underarm Turn & Spot Run, 6)Running Right Turn To A Standing Spin

....... American Style Technique I Overall Principles (Intermediate Level) -58min(TDK14) $49

In this video on American Ballroom Styling the Klosses show the many different elements that all go into developing the character and style of a dance. They have broken these elemento into four categories:1)Arm Styling and how to use the arms smoothly, 2)Shade and Sway and how these two elements can create beautiful movements, 3)Lines, how to keep them moving so they never appear to stop, 4)Timing,how to use different speeds to create different moods from moving figures to picture steps

.......American Style Waltz Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 60 min. (TDK20) $49

1) Intro and Dance positions, 2)NaturalSpin Turn, Turning Lock, Spiral Turn To Outside partner Check, 3)Inverted Swivel, outside Check, lady's Syncopated Underarm Turn, 4)Open Left Turn,Wing, Lady's Lunge and Roll, Standing Spin, 5)Syncopated Open Right Turn,Lady's Freespin to Bounce Fallaway

.......American Style Tango Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 70 min. (TDK21) $49

1)Intro and Dance positions, 2)Man's Roll To Right Side Lunge,Reverse Pivot and Link, 3)Telespin to Contra Check, Slip & Solo Spin, 4)Back Pass to Fallaway, Outside Spin,Pivot,Chase lunge, 5) Open outside Spin,Lady's underarm turn,Open Fan Underarm Turn to Curl and Oversway

.......American Style Foxtrot Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 75 min. (TDK22) $49

1)Intro and Dance positions, 2)Shadow Left Whisk,Swivel Same Foot Lunge, Telespin To Back Check, 3)Going Through Check,Weave From Promenade,Spiral Turn,Left Side Run, 4)Chase,Shadow Weave,Fallaway Hairpin, 5)Lady's Spin To Open Check,Inverted Swivel to Lady's Freespin, 6)Fallaway Reverse and Slip to a Drag Hesitation,Shadow Check to a Shadow Hover and Weave

.......American Style Viennese Waltz Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 63 min. (TDK23) $49

1)Intro and Dance positions, 2)Demo Dance, 3)Running Right Turns,Man's and Ladies Flip Flops, 4)Canter Run,Ladies Underarm turn to Swivels, 5)Check & Underarm Fallaway, lady's Freespin,Canter Run

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