This "Introduction" to the companion book for waltz and foxtrot explains the similar purpose of this book for Tango and Quickstep.

1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this book is to fill in some of the gaps between the theory and technique of ballroom dancing as available in print and competitive dancing as it exists today.

Of course, the major discrepancy has been the lack of, any printed information on the competitive material. This book reviews many of the competitive figures that are danced in the waltz and foxtrot today. A second volume dealing with the
tango and quickstep ia also available.

Another gap has been the lack of any printed information detailing how the various figures are led--not even the syllabus figures are explained. Such information is available for the basic Latin American figures. This book provides a detailed discussion of how to lead each step of each figure. In the modern dances, in contrast to the latin American dances, all of the "tricks" can be led. In addition to explaining the lead, each step of each figure is fully illustrated with pictures.

This book was written for serious competitive couples -- from novices to amateurs to professionals--not social dancers. We hope it will be helpful to you.