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Or, if you know a specific Diamant Model#, or want to search for Diamant models with specific features ,enter the (partial)Model# OR (partial)THCM features below and select the "Check BDS Stock" button. For help you can visit the Diamant home web site link below to find a model#, or use the below drop-down boxes to find potential THCM input values for Diamant shoes.

Input Diamant Model# : SSS-LLL-CCC Input BDS SubCategory : THCM:

Browse Diamant-Germany Main Website for Model#:SSS-LLL-CCC to Input Above

Select BDS THCM Parameters From Table Below For Input to Detailed "Sub Cat" Search Box Above
T:Type H:Heel C:Color M:Misc
Select Diamant SSS-LLL-CCC Parameters From Table Below For Input to Detailed "Sub Cat" Search Box Above
SSS:Style# LLL:Last# CCC:Color

NOTE: Input parameters are case specific;Only use Capitals.

Suggestion: The search table can help get you to the specific Diamant model that you want quickly. However there are many combinations of parameters that are not currently in standard manufacture or inconsistent (for example specifying a heel type only appropriate for open toe shoes for a closed toe style).In such cases no "hits" will be returned. Just relax some parameters using the "Wildcard"underscore ("_") parameter until the best match(es) are found. If intimidated, just browse the main Diamant website link or display the entire BDS Diamant inventory links to get started.

Example1: To search for all red shoes specify THCM as "__R_",with all other parameters as wildcard "_"

Example2:THen if you like the returned model# SSS-LLL-CCC=035-077-037; you can run another search only specifying the Model#:035-___-___ to find all other heels and colors and widths of that style. Then check the current BDS availability in your size and order.


Special Orders: Backorders of a very large number of combinations of "S-Style", "L-Last,ie fit", and "C-Color (material)" can usually be made as long as there are at least 5 pairs (sizes can vary) for each SSS-LLL-CCC combination. You can browse the BDS stocks or visit Diamant home web for typical Styles, Lasts, and colors. Or you can email us for possible other currently possible Diamant "Color" offerings. Delivery can be expected in 4-8 weeks and per pair prices currently about $145. Please email Bill at BDS with your needs for BDS recommendations and finalizing order specifics.