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Prerequisite: A strong knowledge of steps from that level. Excellent choreography for showcase & competition routines.

American Style Variations:

Intermediate Waltz Variations (ASCM01) $39

1) Open Right Turn with Man's Underarm Turn, 2) Open Fallaway & Spiral Underarm Turns, 3) Alternating Progressive Spirals, 4) Promenade Chasse to Oversway, 5) Open Right Turn to Tipple Chasse to the Right, 6) Ladies Forward Run with Open Side Lunge, 7) Quick Open Reverse to Drag Lunge, 8) Dosey Doe & Run Around, 9) Left & Right Turn Combination, 10) Changing Promenade with Inside Spin

Intermediate Foxtrot Variations (ASCM02) $39

1) Open Right Turn to Alternatmg Grapevine, 2) Syncopated open Fallaway with Quick Open Reverse Ending, 3) Cross Body l.ead to Open Break with Man's Ronde', 4) Hair Pin to Oversway, 5) Back Check to Grapevine. 6) Curving Chasses' & Checks, 7) Quick Open Reverse, Double Lock to Forward Check, 8) Standing Spin to Man's Underarm & Turn & Hover Cross, 9) Rlght Shadow Underarm Checks 10) Outside Spin to Rudolf Ronde' & Develope

Intermediate Tango Variations (ASCM03) $39

1) Grapevine to Slow Fans, 2) Snap Change & shrug, 3) Double Fallaway to Turning Rock, 4) Corte to Roll out and Points, 5) Flair Promenade to Inside Underarm turn, Flick and Check, 6) Cross Kicks with Fans, 7) Left Side Walk to Same Foot Lunge, 8) Right and Left Forward Contra Rock, 9) Promenade Lock Fall Away to Open Ronde', 10) Promenade Swivels to Contra Check

Advance I Waltz Variations (ASCM04) $49

1) Promenade Checks to Develope, 2) Syncopated Wing to Develope, 3) Outside Spin to Pivots & Arroz Line, 4) Running Weave, Tumble Turn to Hinge, 5) Open Right Turn with Right Hand Hold to Syncopated Fan Kick, 6) Side by Side Changing Chasses, 7) Drag Lunge to Continuous Hair Pins & Same Foot Lunge, 8) A Big Top to Contra Check, 9) Around the World to Back, 10) Separating Hover to Floor.

Advance I Foxtrot Variations (ASCM05) $49

1) Running Weave to Tipple Chasse', 2) Pivots to Lunge Roll, 3) Open Right Turn with Right Hand Hold to Wrap In, 4) Overturn Spiral to Rolling of The Arm, 5) Open Passmg Check, 6) 3 Fallaways to Lilt Pivot, 7) Arm Hook Turned. 8) Open Telemark to Explosion Line, 9) Shadow Weaves to Pot Stir, 10) Shadow Check to Rudolf Ronde' and Drop

Advance I Tango Variations (ASCM06) $49

1) Pivots to Floor Ronde' & Kicks, 2) Viennese Crosses to Throw away and Switch, 3) Pivot to Spin, Combo & Grapevine, 4) Fall Away Whisk to Lunge Roll & Stop Lock, 5) Shadow Combination to Around the World, 6) Outside Swivel to Double Reverse & Corte, 7) Jete Leap to Head Roll, 8) Back Lean to Leg Drop, 9) Spanish Leg Drag to Contra Check & Back Checks, 10) Splits to Spanish Line

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