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Prerequisite: A strong knowledge of steps from that level.

Excellent choreography for showcase & competition routines. Amerlcan Style Variations

Advance I V. Waltz Varations (ASCM10) $49

1) Left Cross Turn To Butterfly, 2) Open Fallaway With Spirals, 3) Open Right Turn With Canter Breaks, 4) Shadow Combination, 5) Develope' Arabesque To Oversway, 6) Flekerel To Contra Check, 7) Arabesque To Reverse Freespin, 8) Side By Side Run To Check & Forward Ronde', 9) Shadow Underarm rolls, 10) Progressive Run To Underarm Turns & Runaround

Advance II Waltz Variations (ASCM07) $49

1) Outside Spin, Twist Turn To Oversway Develope', 2) Lady's U/A Turn To Side By Side Chasse', 3) Overturn Double Reverse To Swivels & Same Foot Lunge, 4) Spiral Kick To Overspin & Backbend, 5) Around The World To Chasse' Headloop, 6) Syncopated Combination To Contra Check & Same Foot Lunge, 7) Standing Pot Stir To Backbend, 8) Syncopated Fallaway To Drag Hesitation Swivel, 9) Double Back Lock To Promenade Chase & Runaround, 10) Side By Side Prom. Locks To Contra Check

Advance II Foxtrot Variations (ASCM08) $49

1) Quick Open Reverse To Lunge Roll & Traveling Contra Check, 2) Side By Side Grapevine To Backrun & Develope', 3) Shadow Turns To Syncopated Weave & Forward Check, 4) Drop Fallaway To Swivels & Same Foot Lunge, 5) Open Progressive Spirals To Quick Open & Check In Shadow, 6) Syncopated Overturned Spiral To Promenade Lock & Grapevine, 7) Shadow Roll To Right To Curving Three Develope' & Back Check, 8} Open Free Turn To Same Foot Layout & Hesitation Roll, 9) Overturned Spirals To Man's Forward Ronde',10) Promenade Lock To Hover, Running Pass & Back Bend

Advance II Tango Variations (ASCM09) $49

1) Shadow Check To Outside Swivel & Corte', 2) Layout To Passe', 3) Viennese Cross To Spanish Drag & Contra Check, 4) Attitude Leg Lift To Back Bend, Flick & Check, 5) Chase To Explosion & Hip Drop, 6) Telespins Elevation & Double Ronde', 7) Lady's Cape To Floor Lunge, 8) Contra Check To Arrow Line & Shadow Points, 9) Argentine Press To Wrap & Back Bend, 10) Fallaway Whisk To Double Reverse & Spanish Wrap

Intermediated Rumba Variations (ASCM11) $39

1) Surprise Sit Break To Double U/A Turn, 2) Second Position Break To Walkround & Overhead Wrap, 3) Traveling Rumba Walk Combination, 4) Back Spot Turn To Shadow Parallel Break, 5) Man's Wrap Into Sit Break & Lady's Roll, 6) Slow Swivels To Ronde' & Parallel Check, 7) Surprise Check To Forward Swivels & Rudolph Ronde', 8) Separation Walkaround To Slow Curl, 9) Syncopated Spins To Double Headloop, 10) Left Side Pass to Develope' & Back Bend

Intermediated Cha Cha Variations (ASCM12) $49

1) Spot Turn Combination, 2) Traveling Crossovers, 3) Right Hand Crossbody Leads To Underarm Turns, 4) Progressive Locks To Peak-A-Boo, 5) Progressive Spirals With Syncopated Breaks To Wrap In, 6) Knee Llft To Walk Under To Syncopated Back Breaks, 7) Altrnating Wrap To Tunnel, 8) Sailor Shuffles To Syncopated Crossover, 9) Slow Swivels To Grapevine, 10) Lady's Wrap & Ronde' To Man's Tuck & Separation

Inter. Eastern Swing Variations (ASCM13) $39

1) Man's Wrap Into Cuddle Walks, 2) Traveling Triples, 3) Fallaway Triples To Spins & Hitch Kick, 4) Sweetheart Walks To Sailor Shuffles & Freeze, 5) Forward Swivels With Hitchkicks, 6) Lindy To Fallaway Triple & Explosion, 7) Unisex Lunges, 8) Double Explosion With Roll In, 9) Jitterbug Swivels To Flea Hop, 10) Lady's Pull Through To Double Arm Spin To Hook & Unwind

Intermediate Mambo Variations (ASCM14) $39

1) Alternating Underarm Turns, 2) Crossover & Flick & Fifth Position Break, 3) Opposition Break To Back Spot Turn & Swivels, 4) Right Hand Crossbody Lead With Underarm Turn To leadloop, 5) Open Flick & Back Spot Turn To Fallaway Crossover, 6) Progressive Spiral To Side By Side Cuban Break, 7) Continuous Grapevine To Ronde' & Swivels, 8) Lady's Wrap & Tuck, 9) Man's Flatback To Kick & Ronde' Break, 10) Open Swivels To Back Bend

Advance I Rumba Variations (ASCM15) $49

1) Runaway To Slow Swivels, 2) Back To Back With Swivels & Ronde', 3) Syncopated Back Spot Turn To Separation, 4) Shadow Roll To Rumba Walks, 5) Ladies Back Bend To Ronde' and Open Develope', 6) Contra Check To Turning Rock & Quick Swivels, 7) Promenade Walk To Telemark & Layover, 8) Hand Switches To Ladv's Passe' Spin, 9) Advance Break Combination, 10) Flick Develope' To Around The World Pivots & Back Bend

Advance I Cha Cha Variations (ASCM16) $49

1) Surprise Check With Swivels, 2) Syncopated Crossovers To Wrap & Ronde', 3) Telemark With Syncopated Chasse, 4) Kick Spin With In & Out Break, 5) Man's Headloop With Promenade Breaks, 6) Guapacha Basic & Syncopated Shuffle, 7) Opening Out To Free, 8) Back Spot Turn To Continuous Grapevine, 9) Runaway Swivels To Man's Flatback, 10) Double Telespin To Shadow Switches

Adv. I Eastern Swing Variations (ASCM17) $49

1) Sailor Shuffles To Double Hitch Kick, 2) Lady's Double Wrap Into Switches, 3) Fallaway Grapevine To single Rythym Rock, 4) Runaway Swivels, 5) Headloop, Back To Back To Windmill, 6) Double Flatback, 7) Pullback To Single Rythym Barrel Turn, 8) Turning Tunnel, 9) Continuous Shuttle And Check To Lindy Wrap, 10) Tollgate To Underarm Turn

Advance I Mambo Variations (ASCM18) $49

1) Man's Wrap Into Same Foot Checks, 2) Opposition Break To Separation Walk Around, 3) Double Head Loop To Ladies Wrap, 4) Ladies Back To Pinwheel, 5) Ladies Runaway To Progressive Swivels,6) Shadow Switches To Continuious Underarm Turns, 7) Crossover Swivels To Walk Around Spin & Lunge, 8) Boogie Walks To Separation Breaks, 9) Outside Spin To Rythum Break Separation, 10) Ladies Pullback To Freespin To Explosions

10 steps per video

....... Intermediate Samba Variations (ASCM19) $39


....... Advance I Samba Variations (ASCM20) $49..StepList

....... Advance I Bolero Variations -76min.(ASCM21) $49


....... Advance II Cha Cha Variations-58min. (ASCM22) $49..StepList

....... Advance II Rumba Variations -80min.(ASCM23) $49..StepList

....... Advance II V. Waltz Variations -68min.(ASCM24) $49..StepList

....... Advance II Bolero Variations -58min.(ASCM25) $49..StepList

....... Advance II Mambo Variations -70min.(ASCM26) $49..StepList

....... Advance II Samba Variations -67min.(ASCM27) $49..StepList

....... Peabody - 15 Steps-47min. (SCM12) $59..StepList

....... Showcase & Exhibition Elements Vol. I-55min. (SCM13) $49..StepList

....... Showcase & Exhibition Elements Vol. II-41min (SCM14) $49..StepList

....... Ballroom Line Dances (7 dances) Vol. I (SCM15) $39

1)Rumba, 2)Cha Cha, 3)Merengue, 4)Swing, 5)Samba, 6)Mambo, 7)Syncopated Cha Cha

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