Our Weapon is Free Speech -- What can You Do?

Primarily, do not underestimate the power of the truth. Politicians without a voting constituency have no power. And,if enough Americans know the truth about the most treasonous political crime of the century in stopping Election 2000 accurate recounts, then I am hopeful (if not certain) that these current criminals will lose a majority of their supporters. Obviously, since you do not hear "good" conservatives speaking up against the actions of their criminal leaders, one has to assume that this is also an anti-Republican party fight.People with valid conservative opinions who support this sort of undemocratic behavior are the insiduous "enemy" of our democracy --- even if they do not realize it----because they are too naive, too politically affiliated, too uninformed, too stupid, or yes even truly evil--they are dangerous, not necessarily as everyday citizens but as a collective that threatens your freedoms.


Be conspicuous (it does not hurt,there are over 50 million/a majority of us)(Considering wearing a Button for Democracy button---available from BDS on BDSWEB home page. I have never worn buttons in my life for anything,but made and vow to wear everyday until election 2004! It's my personal way of feeling active and voicing my disgust,ie. doing something--that and dedicating space on my BDSWEB  personal income website,of course.)  Be vocal.  Be indignant. And sometimes even obnoxious--it sure beats bullets! If you don't do anything,then unfortunately you are part of the problem. That thought really bothered me,and it should bother you too. If it does not, then they win and I am wasting my time.

Write  your conress representatives and senators--especially the senators who have the numbers to be more effective.Let them know how you feel and what your priorities are.Let them know you support more vocal and frequent and more   indignant objections to these crimes.Let them know you don't want to let it slide and forget it,and to "get over it" and you don't want them to either until the perpretrators are ousted.

And where are the newspeople and the presses? They are willing to let it go as old news because they think you think it is old news.Let them know better.Write the editors and let them know you want the story to continue to be told ,over and over,it's the crime of the century,more deserving of coverage than Clinton's sexlife, or OJ's insignificant trial.

Of course there is intense lobbying of the media to drop the story,so don't be discouraged.It's going to be a long time until 2002/2004.But we can keep the story alive,and help insure history get's written correctly and maybe prevent a recurrence .