Peabody Videos

By Chris Morris assisted by Teresa Shiry

Peabody by Chris Morris (assisted by Teresa Shiry)-47min. (SCM12) $59

1)Basic Right Eight Count Turn, 2)Basic Left Eight Count Turn, 3)Quick Count Run, 4)Lock Steps Forward & Back, 5)Right Underarm Turn, 6)Left underarm Turn, 7)Progressive Swivels With Underarm Turn, 8)Right Pivots, 9)Forward & Back Twinkles, 10)Offset Grapevine With Skip, 11)Promenade Grapevine With Hook Turn, 12)Fallaway Grapevine, 13)Spot Grapevine With Underarm Turns, 14)Promenade To Counter Promenade Runs, 15)Open Right Turn To Man & Lady's Underarm Turns

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