Preface:Popular Variations in Latin ...

Popular Variations In Latin American Dancing



This book includes the ' Popular Variations' originally published in 197) and 1976 and additional popular variations shown at courses since then. They are figures that have stood the test of time and are an excellent basis for many modern variations.

Candidates for the Fellowship examination of the Latin-American Branch of the ISTD will be expected to have a teaching knowledge of two of these variations OF THEIR OWN CHOICE in each dance.

The descriptions are given as a guide; slightly different interpretations will be acceptable. It will be noted that in some descriptions alignments are included; these are also a guide to facilitate easy learning. For the same reason a teaching count has been given in place of the rhythm where this has a more practical value.

Afew slight amendments have been made to some of the original ' Popular Variations '.

It is hoped that members will make good use of the figures in this book when preparing candidates for the Gold Star series of examinations.

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