Foreword: Q & A Standard

Q & A Standard



How to Use your "Questions & Answers" Book

You will undoubtedly be working for your Examination under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher, who will be guiding you in your studies and methods of presentation. When you have covered the Syllabus and are fairly confident in the technical analysis of each Figure, take this book and go through the questions systematically, not peeping at the answers of course, until you have made an attempt at answering the question yourself. A tape recorder is a useful asset in this respect: record your answer and then play it back, comparing it with that given in this book. Alternatively you may be lucky enough to have a member of family or a friend who will hold the book for you and ask the questions.

The questions are all of the type that have been asked by Examiners in the examination room and will give you a good idea of how the examination is conducted. If you know your technique thoroughly they will cause you no problems.

Always remember the Examiner is endeavouring to find out how much vou know, and is not trying to trick you.

Good Luck in your Examination.


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