BDS Standard Return/Refund/Exchange Policy for BDSWEB Orders

Dance shoes can be returned (at customer expense) for refund/exchange within 30 days.A copy of the original Invoice (or the BDS invoice number) should be included with instructions as to desired action. If a size exchange for the same item is desired BDS will ship the initial exchange new size at no additional cost for shipping. Further exchanges past the initial are billed for shipping.If different items are desired then new order shipping costs will apply.All returned shoes must be in exactly the condition (new) received and in no way appear worn or used. Sometimes shoes might have been tried on in our shop and ,of course, we recognize such cases.Sometimes customers believe they can tryout new shoes dancing and keep them in condition to return.Don't do it! Used, danced in shoes cannot be returned. We do not ship out shoes that have been danced in to you or anyone.We routinely ship out shoe size exchanges at no additional shipping cost.

Clothing follows closely the rules for shoes.Items must be returned in new unused condition.


In general CDs (including  CD-Roms and DVDs) and Videos cannot be returned or exchanged. The only exception is for defective items (very infrequent). In cases where the customer returns defective items we will ship the identical replacement item out free (subject to verification of defect). We recommend that defects in CDs and videos be verified on more than one machine before return, as some products might appear defective on a particular machine that is out of adjustment, but play perfect on a well maintained device.We will return items found not to be defective.We do not charge additional shipping for replacing defective items.


Books and accessories are not returnable (except for very infrequent defects).( We would generally replace at no charge.)

The above guidelines apply for domestic USA sales. Because of the higher shipping costs on International sales, customers should contact us on case-specific procedures.


If you read the "fine print" of other suppliers, you will find BDS return/refund policies to be the best around in relation to our exceptional prices!.