Foreword:Revised Technique of Latin American Dancing

Revised Technique of Latin American Dancing



The book you are about to read was compiled by a Committee of Imperial Examiners. Their experience has covered every facet of teaching from beginner and medallist to Competitor and Examination Candidate. It is a book by teachers for teachers. Figures have been added or deleted from the syllabus according to their popularity and existing technique has been clarified, resulting in an easy to read analysis in chart form; a reference book which should enable teachers to develop the rhythm and character of the dances in their pupi]s at all levels.

A close study of our leading exponents, past and present, was carried out and every modern development considered. Changes were made only when felt they materially assisted the construction of the dances while retaining their character. Great care was taken to give only the essentials when dealing with such things as rhythmical expression, use of arms, precedes and follows, etc. It was intended that the dancer should be left with the freedom of expression which in no small measure has been responsible for the popularity of the Latin-American dances.

This is the official Latin-American technique upon which all future Imperial examinations are to be conducted.

Note that ISTD has replaced this single book entitled "Revised Technique..." with similar looking individual books in each of the 5 Latin dances entitled "Latin American Technique Part 1 (to 5)...Dec  2000

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