Swing - West Coast (American Style)

By Ron montez

Beg. W.C. Swing & E. Coast Swing (ASRM02)$39

1) Basic & Throwout, 2) U/A Pass, 3) Side Passes, 4) Left Side Pass Return, 5) Sugerpush: 1) Basic, 2) Throwout, 3) Underarm Turn, 4) Underarm Release, 5) Alternating Underarm Turns

Intermediate Level W. C. Swing (ASRM06) $39

6)Tuck in "A" And "B", 7) Opposition Break And Rollout, 8) Basic Whip, 9) Whip Return, 10)Whip Variations: Inside Turn And Outside Turn, 11) Lock Whip, 12) Basic Syncopations, 13) Checked Whip, 14) Hammerlock And Right Side Pass, 15) Swivels

Advance I W. C. Swing (ASRM15) $49

1) Checked Whip, 2) Man's Underarm Turn To Hammerlock, 3) Face Loops Tuck And Sping, 4) Tuck In With Neck Wrap, 5) Lock Whip & Neck Wrap, 6) Spinning Hammerlock, 7) Sugar Push Syncopations For The Man & Lady, 10) Underarm Turn w/Man's Hammerlock To Shoulder Check & Spin.

Advance II W. C. Swing (ASRM21) $49

1) Whip Syncopation Man & Lady, 2) Advance Opposition Throwout, 3) Man's Wrap Whip, 4) Underarm Turn Syncopations for Man & Lady, 5) Flatback, 6) Left Side Pass w/Man's Spin In, Arm Check & Spin, 7) U/A With Man's Hammerlock & Duck, 8) Underarm Whip & Body Inspector, 9) Man's Tunnel, Wheel Release, 10) Sugar Push Off The Back

By Buddy Schwimmer

West Coast Swing V Advance Level By Buddy Schwimmer (BS05) $49

1) Preparation And Revolving Tuck, 2) Lock Whip With Lock Turns, 3) Underarm Overturn And Spin, 4) Buddy Hops, 5) Left Side Pass With Man's Roll In, 6) Whip With A Pivot, 7) Whip With A Freeze Down, 8) Competition Whip, 9) Cross Arm Whip To Neck And Hammerlock/ Lock Whip Exit, 10) Right Side Pass To Man's Hammerlock/ Left Side Pass, Arm Spin

West Coast Swing Syncopations III Advance Level By Buddy Schwimmer (BS08) $49
Ten more advance syncopations for the advance dancer.

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