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Exciting and sophisticated,It is a dance of raw passion and of intimate tenderness,a dance of domination and seduction.

It us the ultimate dance of man and woman.It is the authentic dance of Canyengue - the Argentine Tango.It has been the dance of the back streets- and of high society but today an exciting revival of the original and authentic style of Argentine Tango is being enjoyed in dance schools and dance clubs throughout the world.

The Technique

Paul Bottomer

The Book

The Tango emerged in the closing years of the Nineteenth Century, from the squalid immigrant ghettos of Buenos Aires. As a song, the Tango was the consolation of man in music.But the song soon demanded further expression and the dance was born.

The Tango became almost an anthem for the people and symbolized their spirit,the spirit of Canyengue.For a while the Tango was banned in the shadowy corners of back street bars and the btothels of Bue\nos Aires.Here the Tango became even more sensuous and daring and,by the time it was once again permitted,had acquired the flavour of forbidden fruit.

Then the Tango emigrated to Paris and the dance of the back streets was introduced to the salons of the world.

Today an exciting revival of the original and authentic style of Argeentine tango is being enjoyed throughout the dancing world.

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Tango Argentino

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1)La Cumparsita




5)Don Juan

6)El Pecho Helado

7)Ojos Queridos


9)Yira Yira




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