USA : World's Largest Terrorism Backer


Bill Rowe writes:

Regarding the link "peace in the middle east":

While Bush and American media continue to harangue about suicide bombers and Saddam Hussein payments of $25,000 to families of suicide bombers, we allow the Israelis all the time they need to devastate Palestinian areas using US weapons systems, largely paid for with the annual US $3 billion in aid. Do the math. At $25,000 per suicide bomber, the US aid to Israel corresponds to greater than 3,000 (!) suicide bombers per day!!,EVERY DAY!!. This extreme hypocrisy would be laughable if not for the sad consequences of the American public's stupidity. People, this is our tax money we're being conned out of to support a totally unjust and immoral cause. You can be an unquestioning super-patriot and just line up behind our bastard leadership, or you can be a thinking American individual. Let's wake up.