Viennese Waltz - American Style

By Jim & Jenell Maranto

Beginning V. Waltz -29min.(ASJM04) $25

1) Balance Steps, 2) Fifth Position Breaks, 3) Left Turn, 4) Right Turn, 5) Forward Change Steps

Intermediate V. Waltz--70min. (ASJMI5) $39

1)Curtst and Bow, 2)Balance Step With Underarm Turn, 3)Back Change From Left to Right, 4)Back Change From Right To Left, 5)Flares Forward, 6)Flares Backward, 7) Progressive Breaks, 8)Reverse Underarm Turn, 9)Right Turn With an Underarm Turn, 10)Spot Turn Combination

Advance I V. Waltz -77min.(ASJMO8) $49

1) Cross Body Lead to Open, 2) Hand to Hand, 3) Canter Underarm Connection, 4) Barrel Roll, 5) In and Out Runs, 6) Right Turn, 7) Open Right Turn In Shadow, 8) Shadow Skips, 9) X - Lines, 10) Double Leg Ronde'

By Chris Morris

Advance I V. Waltz Varations (ASCM10) $49

1) Left Cross Turn To Butterfly, 2) Open Fallaway With Spirals, 3) Open Right Turn With Canter Breaks, 4) Shadow Combination, 5) Develope' Arabesque To Oversway, 6) Flekerel To Contra Check, 7) Arabesque To Reverse Freespin, 8) Side By Side Run To Check & Forward Ronde', 9) Shadow Underarm rolls, 10) Progressive Run To Underarm Turns & Runaround

Ten steps in this video

....... Advance II V. Waltz Variations-68min(ASCM24) $49..StepList

By David & Carrie Kloss

.......American Style V. Waltz Technique & Principles -76min. Intermediate (TDK13) $39

1)Dance positions, 2)Ladies Roll In To Reverse Turn With Reverse Sway, 3)Cross Lead Ladies underarm Turn & Explosion, 4)Open Run To A Viennese Cross, 5)Ladies Outside Check,Underarm Turn & Spot Run, 6)Running Right Turn To A Standing Spin

.......American Style Viennese Waltz Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 63 min. (TDK23) $49

1)Intro and Dance positions, 2)Demo Dance, 3)Running Right Turns,Man's and Ladies Flip Flops, 4)Canter Run,Ladies Underarm turn to Swivels, 5)Check & Underarm Fallaway, lady's Freespin,Canter Run

By Chuck Bannister

Beg. Level Tangg & V. Waltz (ASCB02) $39

1) Basic, 2) Running Thru Basic, 3) Two Walks And Link, 4) Promenade, 5) Flare Promenade: 1) Left Turn, 2) Closed Changes, 3) Right Turn, 4) Curtsy, 5) Bow And Curtsy

Intermediate Level V. Waltz (ASCB06) $39

6) Closed Changes With Underarm Turn, 7) Trading Sides, 8) Spiral To Triple Underarm, 9) Pivots, 10) Skaters Waltz, 11) Tornello, 12) Natural Underarm Turn, 13) Shadow Breaks, 14) Wing And Solo Spin, 15) Reverse Turn To Check And Flare

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