Waltz - American Style

By Jim & Jenell Maranto

Beginning Waltz (ASJM01)-35min. $25

I) Left Box, 2) Balance Steps Forward & Side, 3) Change Steps, 4) Underarm Turn, 5) Twinkle

Intermediate Waltz-75min. (ASJMI2) $39

1)Promenade Chase, 2)Right Box with 1/4 Turn, 3)3/8 Turn Combination, 4)Progressive Turn, 5)2-Way Underarm Turn, 6)Grape Vine, 7)Open Left Turn, 8)Continuity Basic, 9)Open Right Turn, 10)Pivots

Advance I Waltz-70min. (ASJM05) $49

1) Twinkle Connection, 2) Under Arm Turn, 3) Open Left Wisk, 4) Flip Flops, 5) Hand to Hand, 6) Falling Leaf, 7) Chasse to Shadow, 8) Shadow Telespin, 9) Shadow Curve & Back Lock, 10) Double Leg Ronde' (spin)

Advance II Waltz -64min.(ASJM09) $49

1) Advance Twinkle Connection, 2) Alternating tjnderarm Turns, 3) Vienese underarm Turn, 4) Develope' & Check, 5) Flip & Spin, 6) Advance Hand To Hand, 7) Open Throw Away, 8) Pivots 9) Syncopated Natural in Shadow, 10) Double Turn & Spin

By Chuck Bannister

American Style Beg. Level Waltz & Foxtrot (ASCB01) $39

1) Closed Changes (Fwd & Bk), 2) Left Turn, 3) Parallel, 4) Underarm Turn, 5) U/A Turn With Closed: I ) Parallel Basic, 2) Left Box, 3) Left Tum, 4) Promenade, 5) Promenade Underarm Turn

Intermediate Level Waltz (ASCB03) $39

6) Right Turn, 7) Promenade Hesitation x) Promenade Hesitation With Pivot, 9) Closed Change To Promenade, 10) Hand To Hand, 11) Streamline 12) Crosslead To Underarm Turn, 13) Left and Right Turn, 14) Underarm Wrap, 15) Promenade Back Chasse And Check

By Chris & Denese Morris

Intermediate Waltz Variations (ASCM01) $39

1) Open Right Turn with Man's Underarm Turn, 2) Open Fallaway & Spiral Underarm Turns, 3) Alternating Progressive Spirals, 4) Promenade Chasse to Oversway, 5) Open Right Turn to Tipple Chasse to the Right, 6) Ladies Forward Run with Open Side Lunge, 7) Quick Open Reverse to Drag Lunge, 8) Dosey Doe & Run Around, 9) Left & Right Turn Combination, 10) Changing Promenade with Inside Spin

Advance I Waltz Variations (ASCM04) $49

1) Promenade Checks to Develope, 2) Syncopated Wing to Develope, 3) Outside Spin to Pivots & Arroz Line, 4) Running Weave, Tumble Turn to Hinge, 5) Open Right Turn with Right Hand Hold to Syncopated Fan Kick, 6) Side by Side Changing Chasses, 7) Drag Lunge to Continuous Hair Pins & Same Foot Lunge, 8) A Big Top to Contra Check, 9) Around the World to Back, 10) Separating Hover to Floor.

By Chris Morris

Advance II Waltz Variations (ASCM07) $49

1) Outside Spin, Twist Turn To Oversway Develope', 2) Lady's U/A Turn To Side By Side Chasse', 3) Overturn Double Reverse To Swivels & Same Foot Lunge, 4) Spiral Kick To Overspin & Backbend, 5) Around The World To Chasse' Headloop, 6) Syncopated Combination To Contra Check & Same Foot Lunge, 7) Standing Pot Stir To Backbend, 8) Syncopated Fallaway To Drag Hesitation Swivel, 9) Double Back Lock To Promenade Chase & Runaround, 10) Side By Side Prom. Locks To Contra Check

By David & Carrie Kloss

.......American Style Waltz Technique & Principles (Intermediate Level) - 72 min. (TDK10) $39

1)Dance positions, 2)Chasse' To The Right, 3)Back Twinkle Turning To The Left, 4)Continuous Passing Twinkles, 5)Hinge To Spot Run, 6)Shadow Lunge To Outside Check

.......American Style Waltz Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 60 min. (TDK20) $49

1) Intro and Dance positions, 2)NaturalSpin Turn, Turning Lock, Spiral Turn To Outside partner Check, 3)Inverted Swivel, outside Check, lady's Syncopated Underarm Turn, 4)Open Left Turn,Wing, Lady's Lunge and Roll, Standing Spin, 5)Syncopated Open Right Turn,Lady's Freespin to Bounce Fallaway

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