We American Fascist Vigilante Bastards

We allowed a renegade desperate political group to trample our legal system, constitution and the foundation of our democracy itself to ascend to lead the world's most powerful economic and military nation. This inept administration weaves a web of misrepresentation and catering to what is good in the hearts of most Americans, to (so far) maintain support in spinning their chameleon brand of anti-American values.

From outrageous "Patriot Acts" and new departments of "Homeland Security" that mock our traditions of personal freedoms, privacy, open-ness (in many contexts), separation of church and state, and sharing of political power, this "undoing" of our evolutionary foundations gives rise to the unsettling that fuels the lack of confidence chipping (no chomping) away at our financial strength.But that's enough about our domestic stupidity.

It's quite another when that same administration starts acting like the most dangerous fascist vigilantes the world has ever known. An administration that engages in multi-billion dollar military mobilizations, while attempting to maintain a public stance that it has not made a decision to go to war yet.If that were true,then what an admission of fiscal irresponsibility, aside from the obvious dangerous prodding at trigger point.A mobilization so far out on the limb that it cannot afford the "embarrassment" of allowing the possibility of a non-military long term (I mean many months to years here!)solution, that exposes the folly of it all. A congress that abdicates its constitutional responsibility giving only it the power to declare war--- a very difficult task for a body of several hundred to make a decision on--- the very point of why it was set up that way---and gives that power to a single person.A blatantly obvious attempt to undermine the United Nations as "irrelevant" because it won't go along with it's fascist warmongering unilateral self-serving intentions. Attempting to have it both ways by citing International support on the one hand, and then dis-regarding as  irrelevant the UN if it does not get it's way---now that's true disrespect for the international community.Not so obvious attempts to "buy" (excuse me "elicit") the support of lesser nations (and some quite powerful) by threats, belittlement,"tit-for-tat", or multi-billion dollar economic deals that have nothing to do with the fundamental issues of the Iraq situation at hand.


"Dog and Poney Shows"  at the UN by a Secretary of State compromised of all prior personal values and integrity ( or just plain gone bad by association with other bad apples) full of inuendo, suppositions, rehashed prior information, hear-say,inconclusive long-range photos,drawings of concept vehicles of mobile laboratories, of  snippets of conversations taken out of context with some "trigger words" ,with no indication that Iraq represents an imminent threat warranting "WAR". Damn, "WAR" is where you end up when everything else fails.And by failure, I do not mean that somebody proves Saddam Hussein is a liar--you do not go to war because somebody is a liar.You don'e even necessarily go to war even if you discover weapons of mass destruction.You don't go if you hate the guy's guts because he tried to kill your daddy;you don't even go if you think the guy will be a risk down the road;you go to war in response to an attack or maybe an imminent atack.To do so on the basis of a coined phrase "pre-emptive strike"masquerading as some sort of new policy, belies the obvious comparison to previous era "pre-emptive" strikes such as Pearl Harbor or the Nazi blitzkrieg.


On the issue of the UN guiding principle of limiting the spread of weapons of mass destruction beyond a few "trustworthy" power nations ( and a few others that successfully "broke out" of the have-not category) , that only holds water when those few "have" nations are of uncompromising integrity in terms of observation of international ,ie UN, oversight. The current US administration has broken that trust and proven that even the US can succumb to the "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" adage.Therefore, fully aware that I am in the minority here,personally I would say that it is in the interest of any country to have such weapons in the face of current international vigilante-ism. North Korea then ,in my opinion, would be crazy not to go full speed ahead in developing nuclear weapons because only then will they be more secure from US(us...).


Also, if Iraq now had a couple dozen nuclear warheads and long range missiles capable of reaching Washington, I would bet that there would not be 200,000 Americans amassing on its border.So, maybe we would also be better off.


Now, in the long term I believe the "mutually assured destruction (MAD)" policy of weapons proliferation is crazy.All countries should move toward total elimination of weapons of mass destruction.But that cannot be achieved with hypocritical nuclear buildup policies of the current administration while expecting other emerging countries to disarm.Esprcially if they control a sizable portion of the world's valuable oil reserves.


In the current context, I could justify a UN sanctioned military intervention to destroy any discovered WMD in IRAQ, when/if any are discovered AND Iraq refuses to destroy those weapons; although still a little hypocritical in view of suspected WMD in Israel not even mentioned by the US.


Viva la France, Russia, Germany and yes China, true defenders (or maybe some are pretenders,but horray for them anyway)(on the Iraq issue at least) of Internationalism againt the fascism of "New Europe" and the Bush-led USA.


(PS: Nothing herein is to imply that the Saddam Hussein or North Korean regimes are in any sense exemplary---just that they are sovereign.Hey, that's supposed to mean a lot!)


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