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11/01/2004: BDS has MOVED to a great new location! (near old site)

881 E Hamilton Avenue      Campbell,CA 95008-0614    Tel:(408)879-0522   Fax: (408) 879-0524

01/01/2000 KBDS discontinued due to lack of interest and loss of bandwidth.

07/09/99: NEW!  KBDS web radio station playing the best of ballroom 24 hours a day,everyday.Listen to the latest dance songs and and purchase just a click away. Its really Cool.Another BDS service first!

06/18/99: Now you can rate a dance song  or CD from 1 to 10 after listening to the preview(s).

06/01/99: A new set of videos by Ricardo & Nicole of Buenos Aires. Exceptional use of video production and presentation technology: Tango Course of 3 videos.

05/05/99: BDS is the sole San Francisco area distributor of the new Italian made Dance Naturals line of ballroom shoes for men. Just a little more for the legendary Italian difference!

04/14/99: BDS introduces the "Passion" line of ballroom dancing motif greeting cards.

04/01/99: BDS will be introducing an even more individualistic line of social dancewear made to backorder (4- 6 weeks delivery) in the near future. Choi_ce Fashions is our selected exclusive designer. Keep tuned.Sorry,too early to present details or to take orders.

04/01/99: BDS has received initial sample quantities of their new DistinctiveLine of selected and exclusive dancewear geared to the social and swing dancer. Quality is excellent and most items are manufactured on a semicustom backorder basis. Prices are competitive (if you can find). Expect a 4 to 6 week delivery period.Billed on delivery.Orders being accepted!

03/01/99: BDS now offers our ValueLine of selected quality  dance attire for the social, swing dancers and the competitor's practice, at some of the lowest prices you will find. (We believe they are the lowest!) This is not "cheap" merchandise.

02/03/99: BDS now offers a growing line of dance fashions by Dance Vision Fashions. Keep tuned for other BDS offerings too.

10/5/98: BDS has teamed with computer industry professionals to offer the latest hi-technology BDS 1100 Series Power Laptop computer at an unbeatable (Yes go compare!) price. A perfect general purpose power computing platform, and a perfert platform for the professional Dancing DJ music system.

8/7/98: BDS now offers the Dancing DJ computerizerized dance music DJ system from Dedicated DJ (Ken Sherman). If the prospect of having 1000's of CD quality dance songs on your Laptop computer at your fingertips, then check it out.

8/2/98: Automated dance web site page generation and maintenance. By integrating BDSBBS with BDSWEB, any user on the FREE BDSBBS Bulletin Board System representing a ballroom dance related professional or organization, can now make and update a website on BDSWEB.Studios and teachers routinely use this to update their monthly activity calendars. To find out more go to Connect_Me.

4/27/98:BDS Power Video Search: New additions to the video offerings are being added to the BDS Video database.Using the new BDS Power Video Search you can now get a listing of the newest videos including their sterlists, and perform intelligent searches for the video you want.THe power Video Search allows a search of the Video Exchange used videos as well as the BDS sales inventory,either or both. New videos added to inventory will be added to the new system, and backfit of the existing inventory will be done as time permits.

6/28/97: Audio Clips: New additions to the CD list will now include the latest Real Audio Version 4 (or later) streaming audio technology, as well as detailed song listings. Backfitting audio clips to earlier listings will be done on a time-permitting basis for the most popular items.Still,initial download with our slow connection might not be pleasurable,but subsequent play should give a pleasant taste of the "real thing".

06/04/97: SSL Security.There has always been much deserved concern about transmitting credit card information over the Internet.This is a reminder that BDS has incorporated SSL data encryption (the recommended Option for credit card use on BDSWEB) for some time.Since the latest Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers support SSL,there should be little concern with the security of transmitting your credit information over BDSWEB.This coupled with our other internal procedures makes BDSWEB among the most secure of current technology web sites.However,if anyone suspects a security breach on BDSWEB please contact me immediately.Bill

06/04/97: BDS ORDER TRACKING : Now you can use the Web to check the status of your order 24 hours a day on the BDSWEB. The system is up and running to display order status.Shortly we plan to add the capability for you to feedback,change,further instruct us as to your preferences on out of stock items.Although I have tried to use e-mail to keep everyone up to speed on their order status,I have been overwhelmed by the backlog at times.Hopefully, after further improvements this new system will eliminate the "In the Dark" feedback comments as to order status,especially on hard to get import items.Bill.

05/07/97: BDS Power Music Search Find that piece or music or song easily and fast.Faster and now supports multiple category searches.

 05/01/95: "Ask-DPOPE" database of Dance People,Organizations,Places,and Events.Search for that instructor,teacher,Amateur or social dancer,dance organization or dance event.Anyone can enter their favorite dance information or themselves into the database and have it immediately available to others.Ask-D.P.O.P.E.

12/21/96: Eddie Torres--Salsa NightClub Style videos;'The King of Latin Salsa"

12/21/96: NDCA Official Bronze,Silver, and Gold Syllabus Videos.

12/12/96: The Partner Exchange is now fully functional.You can input and browse all entries immediately.Note images can be added to the user registration ID file if desired.As more people sign up searches on various categories,dance expertise,location,pro/amateur,etc will be added.So this exchange is really open to all.

12/9/96:Next up/Coming Soon:Expanded 'Partner Exchange" allowing automatic database entry from any modern version web browser,with search functions for category specifications of your choice.If it isn't totally evident by now,the entire BDSWEB commercial and complimentary service sections are on the road to being database driven.

12/9/96: The monthly calendar is now fully functional.You first construct an "Event".Then construct a Calendar,and the system assigns a CalendarID.Then "Update" the "Event" by adding the CalendarID.That's it! The calendar automatically becomes a clickable link on the various "Event" search and display pages.

12/6/96: Coming Soon;you will be able to input a monthly activity calendar for your favorite studio,dance,etc using your web browser.The calendar will be linked to a "Event".Currently available in test mode under the "Event Registration" link off the "Events,Competitions..." section of "Yellow Pages".

12/6/96: New Events section driven by database that lets YOU enter your favorite events using a web browser.Data is immediately available to others for general search and display.So put your favorite events on the BDSWEB!

12/3/96: New Video Exchange section.Enter your "old" videos for sale and find good prices on other peoples videos for sale.

12/2/96: Newexpanded Costume Exchange lets you put your costume data immediately into database using your web browser,and search for costumes of a specified type,color,and size.

11/20/96: Credit card information now uses optional SSL security in addition to regular security mechanisms.

11/20/96: NDCA Bronze & Silver Syllabus Books Now Available.

11/15/96: 96 USBC and World latin Competition Videos from Dance Vision USA

The BDS CandyStore with the absolute lowest prices on American made standard ballroom dance shoes.

A new section (under construction) for resumes (home pages) of local independent dance instructors.

New sections on "Partner Search" and "Costume Exchange".FREE! Send us E-mail with attached pictures and we'll put you up.

Pictures of CD Jackets in the Music Section, and introduction of short real time audio samplers for new-releases,and favorite songs.

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