Now in its fourth edition this book represents Walter Laird's further analysis of the principles and technique of Latin dancing.

When some years ago Mr Laird, dismayed by the absence of a definitive work on the subject, set himself the daunting task of writing this book, he imposed upon himself an immense responsibility that was beyond the capabilities of most dancers. To abandon outmoded theories and present the technique in a new and inspired format required a love of the subject, dedication, vast experience, a scientific mind and the courage of a missionary.

Fortunately Mr Laird possesses these qualities. He is a qualified scientist, a former World Champion of Latin dancing and a Fellow and Examiner of the International Dance Teachers Association. He is one of the world's leading lecturers and coaches in this popular and exciting style of dancing and among the accolades he has received in his long career are: The Carl­Alan Award (twice), The Rank Golden Award and The American Hall of Fame Award. In further acknowledgement of his contribution to dancing he has been made an honorary member of many dance teacher associations throughout the world.

: When this book was first published it was recognised as a masterpiece by the dancing press. Typical of the press comments are the following quotes:


"Undoubtedly the most complete analysis of the Latin technique yet

presented . . . a valuable contribution to the progress of Latin dancing. "


: :

:: : "

"From all over the world the book is being hailed by dance teachers as a masterpiece"


: :


"Latin comes of age . . . if evidence of Its maturity (Latin dancing) is needed one need look no further than Walter Laird's new book.

: :Leonard Morgan:


''The only comprehensive Latin 'bible' in existence . . . something every teacher In the country has been waiting for "


" . . a brilliant book. "


This new edition presents the principles and techniques of Latin dancing in a very clear and precise manner which I am sure will help the reader towards a complete understanding of this fascinating and complex subject.


President, International Council of Ballroom Dancing

Chairman, British Council of Ballroom Dancing