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My Sex: Woman
Partner Exchange RequestID#: 118 Date Entered: 10/23/98
(*) BDSWEB User Registration ID#: 6040--About Me(*)Proficiency Level: Intermediate
(*)User Password: (*)Type Dancer: Amateur Competitor
(*)Dance Category: International Latin
(*)Favorite Dance: Samba
(*) Locale: South BayWeight (pounds): 125
City: Santa CruzHeight (Inches): 62
State: CARelocatable?: No
Date Entered Date: 10/23/98(*)Purge date (mm/dd/yy): 12/31/99
Zip Code: 95060Area Code: 831
Country: USA

Description: I am a dedicated amateur dancer who has done pro-am american (both smooth and rhythm) for over a year. I have switched over to International Latin and I love it! I am looking for a partner who is as enthusastic about latin dancing as I am and who is looking for a long-term amateur latin partner to compete with. I am petite (5'2 and 125 pounds) and am looking for someone fairly short (5'10 or less) and has both the desire to have fun and win on the competition floor

Thank you for using the BDSWEB Partner Exchange!Bill


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