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My Sex: Woman
Partner Exchange RequestID#: 196 Date Entered: 11/17/99
(*) BDSWEB User Registration ID#: lauralagassa--About Me(*)Proficiency Level: Intermediate
(*)User Password: (*)Type Dancer: Amateur Competitor
(*)Dance Category: International Standard
(*)Favorite Dance: Foxtrot
(*) Locale: San FranciscoWeight (pounds): 0
City: San FranciscoHeight (Inches): 64
State: CARelocatable?: No
Date Entered Date: 11/17/99(*)Purge date (mm/dd/yy): 12/31/00
Zip Code: 0Area Code: 0

Description: I am looking for a competitive partner for International Standard and/or American Smooth, who has completed the Bronze level of Standard and is well into the Silver level of Smooth. Prior competitive experience is desired but not necessary, age from late-20's to early-50's, height from 5' 9" to 6'. I am willing to commute within the San Francisco Bay area for coaching and practice. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile. I'm a very competitive person, in that I get a thrill out of competition, and truly love the whole process of lessons, training, and improving my dancing. I have an excellent presence and personality on the floor, and project a sweet yet sexy look. But I also realize that dancing isn't all seriousness and hard work -- I like to experiment with music and choreography, enjoy social dancing with dancers of all levels, and have a relaxed sense of humor and a supportive good-natured personality. For a fairly recent picture, see

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