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My Sex: Woman
Partner Exchange RequestID#: 211 Date Entered: 03/25/00
(*) BDSWEB User Registration ID#: 6582--About Me(*)Proficiency Level: Intermediate
(*)User Password: (*)Type Dancer: Amateur Competitor
(*)Dance Category: International Standard
(*)Favorite Dance: Waltz
(*) Locale: East BayWeight (pounds): 0
City: Height (Inches): 0
State: Relocatable?: No
Date Entered Date: 03/25/00(*)Purge date (mm/dd/yy): 12/31/00
Zip Code: 0Area Code: 510

Description: Seeking extremely dedicated, talented male dancer with championship goal in mind, to compete in Novice/Pre-Champ levels in Intl' Std. Train with my current coaches in the Bay Area, and practice 4-6 hours per week. Must be willing to travel to compete. Must be patient, respectful, passionate about dancing, and non egotistic. Physique: Slim built with good, straight frame, 5'9" and above. Principles only. Email: [email protected]

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