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My Sex: Man
Partner Exchange RequestID#: 60 Date Entered: 07/19/97
(*) BDSWEB User Registration ID#: 560--About Me(*)Proficiency Level: Beginning
(*)User Password: (*)Type Dancer: Social
(*)Dance Category: International Latin
(*)Favorite Dance: Waltz
(*) Locale: South BayWeight (pounds): 140
City: BlaxlandHeight (Inches): 75
State: newRelocatable?: Yes
Date Entered Date: 07/19/97(*)Purge date (mm/dd/yy): 12/24/97
Zip Code: 2774Area Code: 2774
Country: Australia

Description: Enter detailed information here. I am a 17 year old male living in Australia looking for a partner slim 5'9"or there abouts to dance competition in Australia in both Modern and latin american styles also new vogue if possible we have our own ballroom at home and plenty of room for the right partner.

Thank you for using the BDSWEB Partner Exchange!Bill


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