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My Sex: Man
Partner Exchange RequestID#: 84 Date Entered: 03/06/98
(*) BDSWEB User Registration ID#: 669--About Me(*)Proficiency Level: Advanced
(*)User Password: (*)Type Dancer: Amateur Competitor
(*)Dance Category: International Standard
(*)Favorite Dance: Samba
(*) Locale: USAWeight (pounds): 170
City: SeattleHeight (Inches): 72
State: WARelocatable?: No
Date Entered Date: 03/06/98(*)Purge date (mm/dd/yy): 12/12/99
Zip Code: 98022Area Code: 360
Country: USA

Description: Enter detailed information here. I am seeking a dedicated lady partner for Amateur Ballroom Competition; interested in Int'l 10 dance, American Smooth, and Theatre Arts. I am 6' and 170# athletic build; living in the Seattle, Washington area. I have been competing in the United Staates and Canada. Seek tall, slender, attractive, enthusiastic, fun, athletic lady partner: approximately 5'9" and 125#, long legs (34" inseam) with desire to compete in all or part of the above.

Thank you for using the BDSWEB Partner Exchange!Bill


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