BDS E-mail to UN Delegations:France; Germany; Russia; China; Cameroon; Guinea; Mexico; Angola; Chile; Pakistan; Syria;Turkey…3/06/03


Please remain firm in your refusal to follow Bush in any new resolution that would allow an interpretation that the UN sanctions a war on Iraq. Most Americans including myself (despite misleading US media polls)  believe such a war is not currently (or likely to be) warranted and is illegal, immoral, and will only weaken respect for international law ,increase the appeal of terrorism, and reward unilateral vigilanteism.If necessary veto any such resolution.


Assuming the US/Britain prosecutes this war despite lack of a clearly authorizing UN resolution, then France should consider leading an "anti-war coalition of the willing" (unfortunately outside the UN because the US would veto any resolution) that would station a sizable defensive force primarily in and around Baghdad (presumably such would be agreeable to and coordinated with Iraq).The mission of this military force fully armed defensively would be to deter any military atack on Iraq outside UN authorizations.I believe 10,000 troops each from France,Germany,Russia, and China would almost assure no war could be prosecuted.Americans would not stand for Bush atacking such a force of historican allies.A historical precedent would be set for UN relevance and International law.


I also believe individual citizens of the USA, Britain, Spain, Australia and many other countries would make personal monetary contributions to help defer the costs of such a mission. Such a joint fund could be implemented over the Internet using primarily credit cards. I realize this would be revolutionary,but it would give citizens of the world a mechanism to enact true democratic power.Unilateral action outside the UN has to become a non-option.


God give you and others the courage to do what is right.!!


Bill Rowe, Owner Ballroom Dance Supply