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Sweet Values ---Lowest Prices

"Near"Wholesale Prices/Terms:Lower Prices -- No Returns

Sorry we really don't sell candy.But we have the very lowest prices anywhere on our best selling standard dance shoes;what we call "sweet" values. Like candy,however,there are no returns on these items.So only those with easy fits,or prior experience with our regular BDS Shopping Mall/ShoeStore products should enter here.These are our best selling products. Visit the Shopping Mall to view them. So if you know your size,Go for it!

This is an experiment! We can only afford to offer these prices if Internet's reach increases our sales volume.Therefore these prices are only offered for purchases entered over the Internet via our regular BDSWEB with "CandyStore" out somewhere on the address lines. Disregard the BDSWEB Invoice prices as we will adjust to CandyStore   prices manually when we see it indicated on your address line.

In addition to the regular "By the Ounce" Candyshoe prices,we have rock bottom "By the Pound" near-wholesale prices for any order totalling 16 or more pairs placed on backorder (4 to 8 weeks to make) versus taken from regular on-hand inventory.This might be good for some clubs,for example.

If this works,we'll expand the variety of items offered as candy specials.

"By The Ounce" ---1 To 15 Pairs

Shipping Charges

$5/ 1st pair + $4/ 2nd pair + $3/ 3rd pair + $2/ 4th pair + $1/ each>=5th + pair  For USA and Canada --- Double Above Shipping for International  

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