BDSWEB Event Registration

You must first obtain a BDSWEB registration number and password to use this database driven service.. This is to assure that who enters and uses the information is controlled. Any registered user can then enter data describing a dance related "Event" following the easy links below. Once you enter your data an EnentID# will be assigned. Use this EventID# to return and update the event information as desired. Once input the event will be automatically categorized and available for all to browse and search. In addition once an Event has been generated you can generate a monthly calendar of activity,if desired,and attach it to the EventID# information using the "Update Event Data". E njoy.Bill

Entering event data and getting an EventID# registration number is an easy 2-step process:

First: Enter your data

(The system will assign a hidden EventID#)

Second: Search the database for your system assigned EventID#(s)

(List all the EventID#s created by one BDSWEB Registration# user.)


Review EventID# Data

Generate A Monthly Calendar

Update EventID# Data(Attach a CalendarID#)

That's it.Enjoy using the BDSWEB.

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