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Dec 2019: Not a blind supporter of Dems or their policies---especially on foreign affairs---but impeachment hearings shows Republican tribe is a banana republic-like authoritan ideology...only real (potential)change is represented by Berrnie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren but I don't believe citizenry will rise above tribal loyalties to seriously address the very critical climate and other issues that threaten the world so the dinosaurs were wiped out by external caused catastrophe but humans seem destined for similar outcome but self-inflicted when preventable---I suppose the few remaining tribal groups will still be arguing whose fault it was ...

Dec 2016: President Schmuck edges Warmonger Clinton; I wrote in Bernie Sandrers; Aashamed of country and disappointed with Democratic party for not putting forth the most desirable and electable candidate so the party elite got what thet deserved and we have to live with schmuck; Republicans did put forth their sorry populist candidate and won and now they too have to live with the schmuck

Aug 2013: Elizabeth Warren for President 2016 ....I simply trust her !.... Pragmatic---Progressive ----Visionary ...Unburdened by Legacy Politics ...

Sept 2013: Hypocritical threats to bomb Syria for chemical weapons use is only a distraction from criminal NSA surveillance state privacy invasion ,,,,,June 2013: US Whistleblower Heroes: Edward Snowden;/Glenn Greenwald .... Bradley Manning /Julian Assange; ... Daniel Ellsberg ....; US Surveillance State Scum: Obama; Bush; Feinstein; Pelosi ...most US government.....Apr 19,2013: After brillant police work on capturing Boston Marathon bombers, Obama government scum do more to subvert Ameerican liberty by unnecessarily (USING PHONY SECURITY RISK "LOOPHOLE")denying surviving suspect of the full legal/interrogation rights of any arrested criminal.... Nov 14,2012....Election Over...Romney Avoided....Now await Obama Grand Sellout ....(We can always hope not....but that is not his history) ...July 23,2012 Romney(tribe) = social Parasite(s) Liar(s) ............... Obama (tribe) = Trojan horse(s) = sadly,still Lesser Evil "Choice" .................Oct 03,2011 : African American reluctantly admits evolution of public perception of Obama: Misconstrued Messiah ....{ Dumbass ... Patsy .... Chump }..... Trojan Horse .... Genteel Scum ( just like Bush/Republicans--- and wayward Democrats ..."Congrats" !!! ...

April 20,2009 : Obama has now become another Colin Powell ...Better Judgment and Morality Corrupted/Co-opted by Washington...Refusal to Investigate/Prosecute Torture Crimes by Bush Administration in Violation of COnstitution/US Law/Geneve Convention...Now a Lesser EVIL ... Need to Keep Pushing him to do as much right as we can get out of just another blinded politician .... What a Shame and Disappointment !!! ...

March 2006:Fellow Californians: Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer just voted for the Patriot Act Renewal (even Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton along with the other 94) I will not be voting for them in 2006/2008 or any Democrat with similar positions;Even if I "throw away" my vote to a third party--- see http://www.commondreams.org/views06/0310-20.htm ; My representative Mike Honda voted "NO" along with the other respectful 137; ;; Election 2004: Don't be overly dismayed.... John Kerry would have been a good first surgery,but he certainly was no "messiah"..... this Republican intransigent, myopic fascism is insidious and will require a longer term systemic awakening to eradicate.... Kerry (and Tom Dascle) and many Democrats failed again to be better Republicans than Bush ...at the end they made a late run by being more "Dean-like",but you could tell their "hearts" weren't in it...well...a good foundation of anti-fascist support is evident (don't forget the 40% of non-voters who just don't believe anything will change)....we need a new crop of Democrats with backbone to stand up for what we believe American values should be...instead of being driven by political analysts...this fascist maven has cloistered a majority by a spun false reality and blindness (ala Germans in WW2) ....4 more years and several hundred thousand people dead needlessly,further economic woes and shameless degradation of our constitutional rights might yet turn things around...In the meantime I hope Democrats find some backbone to preserve some respect for the Supreme Court.....America (and the World) will survive this fascist malady as did Germany,Italy,and Japan....but it will take time ....lots of time ...so,keep the faith...sometimes it might not look like it,,,,but world good is slowly winning the battle against its own inhumanity ..

Nov 1,2003 ...BDS Has Moved A Little to a Bigger....Better.... Location with Lots of Parking and a Beautiful Showroom ! Same Convenient Hours ! ...881E Hamilton Ave....Campbell,CA ...Behind "Woodpeckers Furniture(Now Moved--Empty;Nextdoor to Delta Queen Carwash" ....Near Bascom Ave ...Tel: (408)879-0522 ...

Pre-Emptive Strike .......Whatever Happens The ...SHAME....Will last Forever ! ........USA - BUSH - IRAQ ......Japan - Pearl Harbor ... Germany - Hitler - Blitzkrieg ........The Same Foreign Policy That Molded Terror in Honduras - El Savador - Nicaragua - VIet Nam ... Launched International Drug Trafficking --and Domestic Policy Smashing Traditional Legal Freedoms-- High Unemployment - Economic Recession - Record Federal Budget Deficits - Favors Bombs over Education and Social Welfare Safety Nets - Skews Taxbreaks in Favor of the Wealthy - Sky-High Unemployment -Lies/Schemes/Covers Up: Iran/Contra -Watergate - Election 2000 -IRAQ ---- Intends to Reverse Pro-Choice ----------- Think GREEN, Peace & FREEDOM , WHATEVER --- Vote Anti-Republican, that's DEMOCRATIC as LESSER EVIL - and then Let's Get them to Also Clean Up Their ACT (Their Foreign Policy is Basically the Same Historically!) - Support the United Nations and the International Criminal Court (US is afraid of it because of its criminal foreign policy!!)-- Use the Internet for Information not provided on the Commercial News Media - Don't Think You Get the Whole Story There Folks ! ........Don't Take Anything/Anybody Political For Granted........Educate Yourself.......Don't Be A Puppet ..... Be Outspoken ..... Someday a Critical Mass of Informed Citizens Might Make A Better World Not Based On Hypocrisy .... Maybe You and I Will Even Be Around to See it Start ,....

BDS Perspectives:Pakistan Earthquake: 80,000+ dead;US Pledges $50 million; US spending $250 million every day to kill people in Iraq! 1,000,000 and Counting!

Want Worldview News?Get the new Al Jazeera English Satellite News Channel. (no monthly fees) One time dish cost of about $200 from http://www.GlobeCastWorldTV.com .(And watch Link TV {DirecTV Ch375 ; linktv.org} No monthly fees.And read President Jimmy Carter's book "Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid";(Now AlJazeera America replaces Al Jazeera English on mainstream DirecTV channel 347!) Buy the PBS DVD by Bill Moyers,Buying The War

May 2005:British Documents Surface Proving Bush Rigged Intelligence and Lied About WMD/War; But No Peep From Congress Or US Media;Dwarfs the Pentagon papers in Exposing the Depth of US Government Fascism to Citizens;Awaiting Spin

Disappointing Olympics: Athletes/sportsmanship ideal fall victim to IOC/Political Scum AGAIN:...Russia shames country...20 Feb 2014: Yuna Kim gifts the world with the beauty of human potential while Putin spends 45 billion $ to show the world what  rotten institutions Russia still has...could have bought Russian  gold medal for a few 1000 $'s; ...but Rissia is hardly alone:.. China organizers shame country:...:spend billions and missed the point; Remember parading a pantomoming cutie before the world while the real singer sings backstage.shameful;or just ignorant old guard leaders...USA:.Paul Hamm---"Golden" Bastard Shames American Olympians and Country

Ballroom Dance Supply Home Page

Bill Rowe's BDS endeavors to be your one-stop ballroom dance shop.Become a BDS Distributor.BDS is International.Customer Feedback.

We American Liberators--ie. Imperialist Bastards!

indexaj1.gif (23708 bytes)

A number of children were among
the casualties in "liberating" Falluja

Other Perspectives:  http://english.aljazeera.net   http://www.commondreams.org http://www.axisoflogic.com   http://www.counterpunch.org    Democracy NOW   DissidentVoice.Org

Movies of Note:eg. Fahrenheit 9/11

Books: -- Why Are We At War-The Roots of Mideast Conflict

I'm An American Nazi--and I Don't Like IT!!--Let's Sue the Bastards

Dysfunctional Democracy: Defiance of the Global Will

We American Fascist Vigilante Bastards

Election 2000 --- A Perspective-Gore Won-We Lost

I don't think atrocious terrorist activity, in knocking down a few buildings, or crashing a few planes, even approaches the threat to the American democratic way of life, of the internal political cancer that Republican fascism presents. Look for the expected use of the cover of American grief, to implement inappropriately "stupid" responses, dumb spending on cold war defense strategies, and perpetration of  asinine social agendas.My confidence in the public to recognize such is minimal,but  I refuse to be distracted and let this bastard administration off the hook!

Buttons of Conscience.

Wear with Conviction.

Stand up and be counted.

Available NOW  for :$1 with order

(Free S&H with order,or Min S&H=$5without)

  • Buttons For Democracy/Free Election Integrity...($1.00) Choose "Select" once for each button wanted.


election2000button.gif (12293 bytes)

I followed Election 2000 intently and conclude it represents the greatest threat, internal or external, to our democracy in modern times. "Legal vote tampering" has significantly reduced my confidence in the American democratic institution with its inherent system of checks and balances among the various political branches.This atrocity spanned state and federal, legislative,executive and judicial institutions ,including the US Supreme Court. Most discouraging was the apparent endorsement of nearly 50% of Americans. I can only conclude that there is a cancer of complacency  among all of us that threatens our very democratic way of life.No pillar of democracy is more fundamental than the vote, and this is not a matter of Republican or Democratic party affiliation or doctrine. Election 2000 is an indication of "bad" people in powerful places.

Despite attempts to redirect blame to faulty voting equipment, and time constraints, I reject both specious arguments. Any voting system will be subject to errors and misuse,and the ultimate equalizer will be a direct human visual check. But, I really do not think this needs defense as I believe most people believe this. What we had was a clear example of a deliberate and successful attempt to obfuscate and mislead the public into accepting what clearly amounts to disenfranchisement of thousands of voters because of fears that their votes would swing the election. My sincere praise to the Florida Supreme Court in their brave attempt to save us from ourselves.

Such willingness to trash fundamental democratic principles makes me believe the upcoming administration is "unfit for office",and that includes the principals and others (including cabinet appointments) willing to implicitly endorse such by their acceptance of positions.

A chronological list of names infamous in American history comes to mind: Arnold; Booth; Oswald;Harris;Baker/Cheney; Nixon/Bush. None but the latest has so openly atacked our democratic system so blatantly and insiduously.

Mr Gore, thanks for fighting the good fight (at the end game) and hats off to David Boies who presented the case(s) so well and clearly based on principle that any American willing to listen would have heard.

It is not so much that you lost,but how they "won", that makes us all losers. This administration shall always have my disgust, and I hope that of history.We should not forget this!

Luckily I never had to go to war, but in remembrance to the hundreds of thousands who have in our country's history,some who made the ultimate sacrifice for democracy, I feel obligated to speakup. They fought the wars over there, we need to fight the cancer within. Our weapon is free speech --assuming that is still in vogue....(New analysis books.)

...Bill Rowe---normally politically apathetic Independent; recent Gore supporter with newly sprouted anti-Republican inclinations--PS: I voted for Bush Sr,and he did an OK job,and Bill Clinton who did a great job..but that is another story...and not nearly so important....Jan 2001 in the Dark Ages of  "George the Bastard"....

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