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Doing business internationally presents special service challenges. We have learned a lot about how to minimize shipping costs,customs problems,delays and other peculiar problems in this area, as well as minimizing problem areas for our domestic customers. However,if problems do occur,we feel that its most important that resolution should be handled as if the customer was down the street,even if thousands of miles away. Here are some examples of satisfied customers letting us know how we're doing.

June 2006: (Canada)

Hi Bill,
We got the shoes a couple of days ago and they are just gorgeous.... The size is perfect!
Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Your system is very prompt and efficient. Look for more orders from
me in the future.
Thanks again,

December 2002:(Massachuetts)

I just wanted to let you know that I received both pairs of dance shoes. I received the Diamond on Saturday and the Cindy today (Monday).
It was truly a pleasure doing business with you. My order and delivery were both so promptly managed. thank you.


July, 2001:

Hi Bill,

The shoes are gorgeous and they fit perfectly. Just for the record, I went to my registration and found the correct address. I am happy that they arrived!
In fact I showed them to my dance instructor this morning when I went for a lesson. They go very well with a gown I have and I am happy with them.

Also, I am very delighted that they have a pressure[adjustable slider] buckle. I am very tired of trying to get the regular buckles to fit properly and I always need help with them at competitions. These shoes should be no problem. Is it possible to describe the closure on the shopping area of the website along with the shoe description? That would be helpful since enlarging the picture doesn’t always show the buckle very well.

Thanks for your quick attention and as usual, your efficient mailing. I have shopped other websites and truthfully have never purchased anything from them.
A very satisfied and contented customer for many years,

Sept. 2000,Illinois: Dear Bill,

I placed my order for a pair of open toe dance shoes (Helga) this past
Saturday afternoon, and to my suprise I received them today, Wednesday. Your
recommendation to order 1/2 size smaller than your street shoe was perfect.
They're very comfortable! In fact, I'm wearing them right now as I type this

I had placed an order 7 weeks ago with another distributor and got tired of
the runaround this woman gave me each time I called to follow up on them,
that I finally request a refund from her last week. And I'm still waiting
form my refund from her!

I just want to say thank you so much. I am going right back to your web page
to see what else I can buy from you. Do you by chance have a shoe catalog
you can mail to me? If so, please access my address from the order
information on file. Thanks! ...Lupe

July 2000, North Carolina: Thank you for your extremely prompt service! I ordered the shoes on Wed. and received them Fri. from California to North Carolina. I don't even get mail from my own zip code that fast. I appreciate the selection you offer and the good service.


July 2000,California: Bill, My CDs were waiting for me when I got home last night - thanks for the usual great service, I'll be ordering again once there is a new batch of latin CDs out worth having. Paul

Apr 2000,Massachuetts: Jeanne--1st time Web Purchase

Nov 1999; New York

Dear Bill..
Thank you so much for all of your assistance on ordering my new ballroom 
shoes.  As someone new to the sport, I really appreciated your email 
informing me of the sizing difference in open toed shoes.  
I got my order this morning and they fit beautifully!  By the way, I 
recommended your company to someone else I know (Cassandra ...).  I know she is planning to buy a pair of shoes from your 
company as well.
I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!  Again, thank 
you for all of your help!
Paige...Briarcliff Manor, NY

Oct.1999; USA:Hi Bill,
I love my new shoes that I ordered from you. I'm the one with the really big
feet. Let me know if you have anything else in a size 10 1/2 shoe. I'm always
looking for shoes.

July 1999, Virginia:


    Just wanted to drop a quick line to "thank you" for the dance shoes.
They fit perfectly, are very comfortable and look wonderful. I received them
yesterday (Saturday). I have spread your name and great shoe selection to
all my dance partners at the Arthur Murray studio here in VA. You also have
the best prices in the USA. You kept your word and delivered in record time.
You will be my shoe supplier until I can dance no more!!!!
... I believe that if someone does a great job, he/she deserves
recognition. You are one of those dedicated people in your profession. Keep
up the good work. ...

June 1999: Wisconsin [22 pairs ladies & mens CANDY STORE  group purchase at $49 versus BDS shop price of $85!!]

Bill-  I received the final two pairs of shoes.  So far, everone's fit great.  I
have been wearing mine for about a month now and I love them!  They are
extremely comfortable and I can dance in them all night!  Thanks again!

May 1999: USA:

Thank you SO much for your help!
It's really fantastic to get such
great personal help over the internet!
Stephanie ..., CNE
Certified Novell Engineer

May 1999: Virginia:

I received my bodysuits yesterday, I'm so pleased with them as you
would't be able to get anything like these in Williamsburg. They are
very nice for the money. I'm very pleased with them.


Jan 1999: California:


You are so prompt in your reply, thank you! I do wear a 7 medium in
regular closed-toes shoes. Maybe we should try the 6 1/2. Believe
it or not, I have a pair of BDS shoes that were my first pair of
ballroom dance shoes, about 7 years old now and they are worn beyond
recognition and I am no longer able to see any size markings. I
purchased them from Abraham & Pamela ..., back when I lived
in Davis. They must get them from you. Great web site!

Thank you,

Dec 1998: USA 


Bill!!!  The red shoes are great--just got them tonight. I haven't had a
chance to dance in them yet, but I walked around the house a few times
in the shoes after an evening of dancing ... they were so comfortable
that I almost didn't want to take them off! Of course, a night of my
usual wild style of contradancing will be the acid test ...
I hope you realize that these were the only, and I mean ONLY, red
character-style shoes I have ever found ... and I've been looking for
years! Even more importantly, though, you provide GREAT service with a
SMILE--I can even "read" it electronically!  :)  Now I know where to
get--and tell my dancing friends to get--great shoes at a great price!
Thanks!!! ... Oh, and I used my "Sunday best" capitalization so you can
post this on your Customer Feedback page!  :D
- Amy

November 1998: California

Hi, Bill!

I updated the info on costume #XXX, my white ballogown. I sold it to a lady in
Florida. Your website has been very successful in selling costumes.

September 1998:California

Hi Bill! Thanx so much for posting the picture of the ballgown #114, Blue. It
sold right away for the full $200. I had three responses and sold it to the
first one..Whitney... Great service you are doing here! Phyllis ...
Please feel free to post my comments regarding the costume exchange site,
Bill, It was so nice to have someone who really wanted the gown get it and I
was happy to receive full price. It is a wonderful service.  Thank you very
much! Phyllis...

August 1998 :Colorado Bill, I just wanted to let you know that the shoes arrived and they fit
just as you said they would. Great service and great merchandise. I
will pass the word here to our dancing friends about your company.

Thanks again, Jim
August 1998: Australia Bill,

I thought I would let you know I received my Shoe's yesterday. They fit
perfectly. Thank you for all your help and fast service.

August 1998 USA: Hi Bill, I ordered shoes from your once before - Helga white leather.
Wanted to let you know, they are great, and the most comfortable dance
shoes  I have tried!
Karen .......

Thanks for your quick response, Bill. It's ok with me to use my
compliment on the shoes. You better add the other plus - they were much
less expensive than every other white shoe, leather or satin! That was
another great benefit!

June 1997: Switzerland

Dear Bill

Just a short note to say that my four videos and one CD arrived on
Saturday. I have only had the time to listen to the CD, which is very
dance-able. I hope to begin viewing the videos this week.

Many thanks for your wonderful service and help,

Sincerely yours,


May 1997: Hawaii

Received the shoes ordered a while ago. They're so great. Have given your web
address to people we get lessons from, so you may get an increase in
business. Very likely as Hawaii has almost no resources.

Thanks for your help, great service & quality products.


April, 1997: Memphis,TN

Dear Bill & company:

I recently ordered a pair of the black leather 8.5WW Helga shoes, and I've
worn them 3 times now, and I love them. I've had no problems with them from
the first time I put them on. I am very happy that I found you and that you
carry the wide-width shoes, as well. I've told 2 other students at our studio
about your shoes and given them the info to contact you since they have the
same problem in locating wide-width dance shoes.

Anyway, with all that praise said, I will be sending you another order today
for a 2nd pair of Helgas in beige. I understand that this is a 3-8 week
special order, and I'll be happy to wait for them.

Thanks again for supplying these great shoes!!!
....[ Lisa]

January,1997: Raleigh,NC

Your service is excellent! I ordered a shoe brush and a music CD on Friday and received both on Tuesday--from coast to coast. Your shipping price is right too. I wish all mail order companies were as reasonable....Julie

December 1996: Israel

Hi Bill
I recieved the videos 3 days after ordering. I'm impresed, plus the quality was great. Is it too late for me to get the spacial offer if I order some more tapes? Is there a Salsa 2 video? Salsa 1 was too basic and I didnt see any other salsas. Do you have the tapes in europian format (PAL) as well? Thanks. Zohar.

November 1996: United Arab Emirates

>Maybe I should open a section of BDSWEB where people can exchange info on>ballroom dancing in their areas?What do you think?But maybe this is>redundant to the existing USENET dance discussion groups already.I do not know, it depends of the demand of course and in this field, as youknow, expect the unexpectable..Sometimes very interesting ideas get a flopand sometimes projects that seem utopian become reality. What I can say, is
that a page with some customer's reports can be valuable for you.

When aproduct like yours is good and right handled, it is mere justice to let it [be]know[n].I never suscribed to the discussion list. I do not know if it is aimed atprofessionals or not. It would be interesting to know who is buying yourtapes, pros, curious or students... I am only interested in these kind ofdances, but let me say that a video is great,[e] specially in our country tokeep in touch with the dancers you can meet in the US.

My british prof is outstanding in latin dance, but in the UK they seem toconsider that mambo is not a pro dance, something like a funny streety hipmotion. Unfortunately [when]I was in NY, my wife is dominican, and.. .I got thevirus and I have another concept of this. US is closer to south America andAntllas, that is why we have so many good latin dancers there.
However I learn[ed] the rhumba steps, which is great fun and I will put theminto my mambo since they are basically the same steps, even though Rhumba is a
slower dance - and I have now your precious tapes.

In my next purchase, I will get other mambo tapes and if you have some, Chacha ,which sometimes presents different patterns.

Take care

Jean Michel

October 1996: Philippines

Sorry for the delay in responding to your e­mail. I received the seven tapes in order.

With regard to the survey that you are conducting, the following are my comments. I am very satisfied with BDS services. BDS is quick in responding to queries and resourceful in seeking the least expensive and sure way of shipping the video tapes. But most important, I appreciate your strong advisory services. This is an area that you must continue to be strong because of so many instructional video tapes on the same subject that are available in the market as well as in your inventory. The selection process for customers could be extremely difficult. I am glad that I have selected Ron Montez's collection .

I would appreciate if you can do two things for me: (i) send me new
brochures from Dance Vision or other outfits like the collection of Bob Powers/Julia Gorchakova and (ii) find for me (not urgent) video tapes on other dances such as la cumbia, pachanga, reggae, son­calypso, etc.

Finally, I would like to place the following order charge on the same credit card and same delivery scheme: ...

Thank you,


October 1996: Italy

Hi Bill

Your package arrived here safely on tuesday Oct 8.

It seems this is a very good way to ship but I am afraid the time might grow longer for bigger packets (nobody here [has]yet figured out the workings of the Italian post office or of the customs service, so this fear is WELL grounded).

This leads to my question. I think I'll buy about a dozen of your tapes over the next three months

but I would like to have them come in small quantities/ would you be willing to consider ...



September 1996: Singapore

Dear Bill,

RE: Dance Vision Video Tapes

Following my last order of 6 Dance Vision tapes,I'm ordering more tapes from BDS through the network system today. The reason is quite simple. Your service was very good, fast, product was up to expectation and you were truly honest with the discount entitlements for which I knew nothing about. I [would] therefore like to compliment BDS for its excellent service and business integrity. ,I will certainly recommend BDS to my dance enthusiast friends.

Please dispatch my next order also by priority mail and if you could, please include a catalogue or information of your full range of products, supplies and services. Also put me on your mailing list of new instructional or competitive ballroom dancing videos to :


Very Best Regards,



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